5 Reasons why you should use self-storage when moving house

It's no secret that moving house is a stressful experience. Although finding your new dream home is exciting, the process of moving all of your belongings from one place to another can be time-consuming and anxiety-inducing. At Attic, we believe that using our moving house storage facilities help make the process easy. Here's why:

5 reasons to use moving house storage

1. Packing takes time

Think of all the furniture, clothes and personal items you have in your house. Packing each and every one of them away and transporting them to another location is going to take time, right? Now, imagine doing that on a tight deadline. For example, you may find out your current house has been sold and you need to vacate the premises pretty quickly. If you are rushing when packing, not only will you feel stressed, you could damage items by storing them incorrectly.

Purchasing a storage unit ahead of time means you can start to pack up your belongings slowly, taking a few boxes at a time to the unit. This helps you remove clutter from your house, whilst also ensuring you don't have to do everything in one big go. You can start by packing up items that you rarely use or those you know you will not need until after the move, or by packing away a room at a time.

2. A more attractive opportunity

When a potential buyer comes to look around your home, they want to be able to imagine themselves living there. You can help them do this by removing some of the clutter and furniture from your home before they attend a viewing. This might mean, for example, that you pack away items such as books and small trinkets away in storage, to allow a potential buyer to imagine what the home would look like if it belonged to them. This can increase your chances of getting a sale, meaning you can move into your new house quicker too!

3. Security

When moving house, there are always going to be worries about items being broken or damaged during the move. When you put your items in self storage, you are able to ensure that they are stored safely and are not at risk of being stolen, misplaced or damaged. Our storage units are safe and secure, meaning you won't have to worry about leaving items in our care.

Furthermore, moving house storage units can provide you with security if anything goes wrong. For example, if your move-in date to your new house is pushed back, we can work out an affordable solution that allows you to keep hold of your storage unit for longer. We understand that the process of moving can be long and arduous, and sometimes the unexpected happens - having a storage unit can prepare you for that. For example, if you were seeking temporary accommodation whilst waiting for contracts to be finalised, you wouldn't want to have to take all of your boxes with you, only to move them all again in a few days.

4. Unpacking is harder than you imagine

Packing may be difficult, but unpacking can be even harder. Sometimes you can't remember where you stored a specific item, or you can't decide how you want to arrange the furniture. We'd recommend unpacking a room at a time so that you don't have to rush the process and ensure you get everything just right. With a storage unit, you can take a few boxes to your new home at a time, meaning that you aren't surrounded by a sea of boxes when trying to unpack. This removes some of the pressure you may feel to get the house ready as soon as possible. Even better, you can gain access to our storage units 24/7, meaning the boxes are always available for collection when you need them.

5. Your new home presents its own challenges

When moving into a new home, you may want to make certain changes. You may want to change the tiles in the kitchen, repaint the hallway or remove some horrible carpet from the stairs. This too can take time, and you don't want to have any boxes or furniture in the way when you are decorating. By using a storage unit when moving house, you can ensure that any rebuilding or decorating can go ahead without belongings being damaged or in the way - meaning you can focus on making your house the house of your dreams.

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