Artbox London

Customers at our new Kings Cross storage facility will be treated to an exhibition of paintings and drawings from Artbox London, a charity who provide opportunities for people with learning difficulties to be included in their local community, by providing access to the arts.

The display of art work has been set up in the reception area at our new Kings Cross storage facility.  Paintings and drawings are individually displayed, and are available for purchase by contacting Artbox London direct, or by talking to us at reception.

We are very pleased to be given the opportunity to work with Artbox on this project and to play a part in the local communities for Camden, Kings Cross and Islington.

Who are Artbox London?

Artbox London is a registered charity and social enterprise based locally in Islington, and all their profits go back into supporting people with learning difficulties.

They aim to improve social well-being by providing opportunities to build relationships with peers, with or without learning difficulties, based on a shared love of art. This contact allows Artbox London artists to express their ideas and their identity. The feedback from their art helps to improve their self esteem and reinforces positive emotions.

Payment for art work is also something tangible that they can aim for, as for some, it is the only experience of earning money.

Overall, the aim is to build confidence by providing new experiences to the artists so that they will gain a little more independence to tackle new tasks, such as visiting an art gallery.

Artbox Events at Attic Self Storage

Artbox London workshops currently take place at the Islington Arts Factory, where the artists work with volunteers to try techniques such as collage, painting, embroidery, model making, photography and printmaking.  There are no permanent displays of work at the Islington Arts Factory, which is why we have offered our brand new reception area in our local storage premises for this purpose.

To celebrate our partnership with Artbox, we will be hosting an exhibition the evening of Wednesday 26th April at our reception on 276 York Way, London N7 9PQ. All our most welcome to attend, please get in touch and we will add you to the invite list.


See a short list of some of the Artbox London art work displayed at our Kings Cross store.