Art to Buy from Artbox London

The Artwork shown below is just a sample of the prints exhibited in our Kings Cross store.  To purchase one of the prints shown on this page, please click on the print image shown below, or visit the Artbox London website for the full list of art for sale and artist profiles. Artbox London are just one of the local Attic Self Storage partnerships.

Red and Green      Summer Loving      Blue Triangle

Robot      Blue in Black      

Untitled 1             Bear Looking at the Moon

Peace Girl   Cathedral Collage  Sam's Shadow

Pink  David Bowie  Little Triangles

Mountain 2            Astronaut

Un 2 Voodoo Mask  A Person from Papua

Lady in Yellow Top      Collage 1      Happiness

Ladybird   Three Little Triangles   Paris

Bird             The Barbican

Un  Shark  Voodoo Mask

Splash Bear Andy Warhol Cat

Nothing but Love                    Mountain

Elephant                                Elephant

Alberta  Harry Potter Pirate

Waves                     Horse

Johnny Cash  London Bridge

Egyptian God      Paint and Scissors     Red Linocut Shapes

Drunken Dog         Snowboarder with Amazing Hair       Vogue