2017: A New Year in Self Storage

A new year, a new self storage facility, but no new year resolutions.

Christmas mugged me this year. Seriously, I didn’t see it coming at all. It snuck up from behind, hidden in the murky shadows of 2016 (how many celebrities is it possible to say goodbye to in one year!?) and jumped me. Before I knew it, I was lighter in the wallet by a few hundred pounds and somewhat heavier on the bathroom scales. So much for turkey with all the trimmings.

So now we’re back in January.

As you’d imagine of a storage company, we managed to pack a whole lot into the past 12 months. And 2017 promises to be just as full of exciting new developments.

Many years ago, I made it one of my new year’s resolutions that I would never make new year’s resolutions. So far this philosophy has served me well. I’ve never suffered the disappointment of promising myself that I’d pack in smoking, join a gym, or learn Guatemalan Spanish, only to give up a few days later and feel like a failure by the 1st of February. But this year feels different. With our King’s Cross branch now well and truly open, and our Wick Lane HQ still doing great business, we’ve more than doubled in size since this time last year (in terms of staff and storage space), and I’m in the mood to make some year-long promises to all our lovely customers. Here goes then…

1) To start with, Attic Self Storage will continue to make the process of moving home, providing storage or archiving a business as pain-free as it can possibly be. Whether you need a simple mail box or a unit to accommodate the entire contents of a four bedroom house, we’re here for you. Just give us a bell on 020 8981 6800 for a cheery, no-nonsense new year’s quote. (That's 020 7953 9500 for King's Cross, if you want the hotline to our new super-keen storage team on York Way).

2) We promise that we shall keep on providing unsurpassed customer service and good quality advice to anyone who nips into reception, visits our website or rings us on the phone. We have FEEFO awards to prove how good we are, and our website is littered with glowing testimony to our helpfulness and people skills.

3) Furthermore, to help your wallet recover from the bashing I imagine it’s been having just recently, I guarantee that we’ll match any competitor’s price you’re quoted within a 2 mile radius of Kings Cross or Wick Lane. Providing they’re offering the same level of service, of course.

4) We’ll also continue to take our social responsibility very seriously. We intend to keep working with local charities and community groups in the areas where we do business to improve the environment and have a positive impact on people’s lives. We’re already working with Hackney Rugby Football Club, www.friendsofthehoneybees.com, and a number of other initiatives including Islington Food Bank, FoodCycle Hackney Hub, Children in Need, the Islington Sustainability Partnership, ArtBox London and The Living Wage Campaign amongst others. Please let us know if there’s a cause that you care about that might benefit from our support.

5) On a more mundane level, I resolve that we shall always carry an excellent stock of bubble-wrap, packing boxes and parcel tape to make packing up your belongings as easy as it can be. Or simply to help you distract the kids, while you grab five minutes of peace.

I think that covers just about everything. It only remains for me to wish you a prosperous, positive and healthy 2017.

Peace, love, bubble-wrap and all that,


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