A Burns Night Blog

Burns Night is this Friday, January 25th, and celebrates the birth o’ Scotland’s most famous poet, wordsmith and lyricist, Robert Burns.

Haggis and Whisky

Tae be brutally honest, there is almost nae connection between Burns Night and Attic Self Storage, but in the interests o’ cashing in on what’s trending on Twitter, and tae improve our McGoogle ranking, we are prepared tae try and find one. Or two. Och aye the noo.

A wee bit o'history

Robert (Rabbie) Burns was born in January 1759 in Alloway, near Ayr, Scotland and became famous for writing poetry. Attic Self Storage started trading in March 2008 in Bow, East London, England and has become famous for providing storage space. Nae spooky synchronicity there then.

Robert Burns Birthplace

South o'the border storage solutions

However, for fans o’ the Scottish Bard, it is worth noting that Attic Self Storage is a fine (moth and moose-free) place tae store the complete works o’ Rabbie Burns in rare leather bound volumes and all manner o’ other non-perishable Celtic paraphernalia:

  • Swathes o’ tartan fabric (and tartan paint should you be an Interior Decorator with a young apprentice that you wish tae wind up)
  • Bay City Rollers memorabilia
  • Barrels o’ single malt whisky
  • Highland Games cabers and other equipment
  • Kilts and sporrans
  • Cable knit jumpers and Harris Tweed jackets
  • Signed portraits o’ the Loch Ness monster
  • Bags o’ bagpipes
  • Original vinyl discs o’ Paul McCartney singing ‘Mull of Kintyre’
  • Blue face paint
  • Enough sunblock tae protect a veritable ginger army from the sun’s harmful UV rays
Tartan Fabric

Things ye cannee keep wi'us

Unfortunately, we are unable tae provide a permanent repository for perishable Burns Night delicacies such as haggis (sheep’s heart, liver & lungs minced up with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally encased in the animal’s stomach), Tatties (potatoes), Neeps (swede) and deep fried Mars Bars (use your imagination, Jimmy).

Addressing the laddies and lassies

If you’re going tae a traditional Burns Night celebration this year, we hope ye enjoy the blood curdling wail o’ the bagpipes, the rich timbre o’ the toast-master’s voice and the sonsie taste o’ the haggis (Great chieftain o’ the pudding-race!) washed down with a warming whisky.


Wi' apologies tae Mr.Burns

Tae get ye in the spirit, here are a few auld poems we recently discovered at the back o’ one o’ our storage units:

  • Doon fra Scotland?
  • You’re welcome hair
  • Attic Sel’ Storage
  • Fer bed, rug an’ chair
  • We’ll tak your tartans
  • Rabbie Burns books
  • Whisky an’ kilts
  • Stags heeds wi’ hooks

  • De-clutter your life
  • Sooth o’ the border
  • A space fer the brave
  • Tae put hoose in order

  • 24 ‘oor access
  • Wi’ lifts an’ a loo
  • Relax in reception
  • Paint yersel’ blue!
  • Fra John O’Groats
  • Tak a wee hike
  • Feel free at Attic
  • Tae store what ye like*

*Please see "Things ye cannee keep wi' us" above for exclusions

Another literary McMasterpiece

  • O, Glasgae folks wi’ ginger hair
  • Choose Attic tae store bed ‘n’ chair
  • Wardrobes o’ kilts ye’ll ne’er wear
  • Leave ‘em wi’ nae other
  • Live in London withoot a care
  • Och, it’s nae bother

Or tae put it another way

  • There’s a bonnie place called Attic
  • If ye come doon The Smoke ‘tis a classic
  • Nae Brae, Ben or Glen
  • Gi’s ye more space, d’ye ken?
  • Sel’ Storage tae mak ye ecstatic!

Thank ye and good Burns Night tae one an’ all.


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