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Presenting The Attic Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection (of Self Storage Tips)

The lights, decorations and ‘TREES FOR SALE’ signs have already started to sprout up on London’s streets. Fallen leaves scuttle along the gutter with every gust of f-f-freezing wind. It’s cold, it’s grim, it’s already dark by 4.30pm. Winter is definitely on its way...

Cuddling up under the 13.5 tog duvet with a thermos of mulled wine or hot chocolate and your favourite Netflix series - is looking more attractive day by shortening day.

But before you fill the freezer, hoard toilet paper, zip yourself into your 100% synthetic fun-fur Brown Bear Onesie and get ready to hibernate, have a good look around your lair: have you got enough room to make yourself truly comfortable until Spring?


Tis the season to be jolly ruthless with the vacuum cleaner and re-sealable storage boxes. A time to round up the family and visit Attic's Winter Wonderland of Space Age Self Storage Solutions™.

We can provide ‘live chat’ advice, help and inspiration, or you can try being really adventurous and actually, physically, pop into one of our hot locations across the capital. From Harrow in the wild west to Marylebone, Kings Cross, Bow and (soon) Beckton in the far east, we’ve got London’s storage needs fully covered this autumn and winter.

  • Free up space in your cupboards, cabinets, closets and cluttered corridors.

  • Box up any camping equipment (be honest you’re not going to Glasto, Reading or The Isle of Wight Festival anytime soon).

  • Squirrel away your fair weather sports gear until the summer of ‘22.

  • Deflate the bouncy castle

  • Pack up the paddling pool

  • Lose the lawnmower

  • Bag the badminton net

  • Box that BBQ unit and stick it in winter storage before it gets snowed upon and develops an incurable rust condition

  • Swap your fan for a heater

Once you’ve created lots of lovely space all around your home, you’ll be ready to fill it again with friends, family and a selection of locally-sourced seasonally appropriate items.


For many of our existing clients, this is the time of year to retrieve the artificial spruce from it’s sojourn in summer storage. (Greta’s Great Conundrum: is putting up a fake tree made of plastic ‘greener’ than chopping down a real tree made of wood?)

While you’re visiting, you might as well grab the decorations, tinsel, doilies, baubles, bells, box of posh cutlery, inflatable mattress, extra blankets, fairy lights, generator, flashing SANTA sign, Monopoly game, ‘Elf’ DVD, animatronic moose head and all the other trappings you need to celebrate a traditional Christmas.


What will you be wearing this Xmas Party Season? It’s always good to have a seasonal wardrobe swap. Not only does it freshen up the way you look and feel, it also allows you to circumnavigate your bed without tripping over a tangled pile of strappy sandals and sun-bleached sarongs.

We suggest you start by boxing or bagging up the stuff you’re definitely not going to need – unless you're relocating to the Kalahari desert for the entire winter.

Attic Self Storage are happy to provide accommodation for all your flip-flops, wispy summer dresses, frayed denim shorts, tropical shirts, hippy hats, ponchos, swimsuits and sunglasses.


The secret of surviving the cold weather is lay-er-ing. But layering creates mountains of clothing. Leggings, long johns, stockings, tights, vests, long-sleeved T-shirts, over shirts, undershirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, cable-knit sweaters, ironic Xmas jumpers, insulated socks, padded trousers, ski pants, boots, hoodies, beanies, scarves, gloves, woolly hats, raincoats, oilskins, sou’westers and fetching full-face balaclavas.

And that’s just Monday’s outfit.

You’re going to need a bigger wardrobe, an extra chest of drawers, more shelf space, or a friendly local storage company who are determined to help the public put a stop to the senseless culling of crocs, trainer socks, summer hats and Primani classics.

Attic Self Storage at your service!


A storage unit at Attic is the tidiest solution every spring, summer, autumn and winter season. Come rain, come shine, come driving sleet, come Father Christmas.

And you can forget that business of only visiting once a year – you can come to your Attic Self Storage unit whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Pin protected, CCTV monitored, safe as Fort Knox.

So, steal a march on the weather and sort yourself out for winter ASAP. Attic Self Storage wishes you panettones instead of pandemics, knees-ups instead of lockdowns and enough space to park a sizable sleigh, including all 8 reindeer.

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