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London Is A Tight Space

If you’re new to London, chances are you’ll be having to adjust to a few things. There’s the tube; h...

20 Sep 2017

Grand Designs in London

Wow! Doesn't time fly. Has it been a year already? Well I'm mighty glad it has; do you know, Mrs Att...

20 Sep 2017

East London Businesses Shine

So who says the East End of London is poor, downtrodden, underdeveloped and full of second rate bu...

20 Sep 2017

Our Local Whitechapel

Mrs Atticus and I were enjoying a warm cuppa on Sunday, when she happened to mention that youngsters...

20 Sep 2017

Welcome back Mr Fungus

I remember walking through the woods when I was a boy, maybe eight years old. I was born and raise...

20 Sep 2017

A short history of East London, part 1

Mrs Atticus and I had some friends around for dinner on Sunday, and we got to chatting about how mar...

20 Sep 2017

Open House London 2013

In three weeks’ time, London throws open her proverbial doors to welcome all comers to view the rich...

20 Sep 2017

Roman Road Festival 24th July

ROMAN SKELETONS, ROMAN STORAGE, ROMAN ROAD Local legend has it that when they were digging the found...

6 Sep 2017

Storage Tent for Pride 10K Run

Rainbow Coloured Lycra & Secure Storage Tent What’s sweaty, rainbow-coloured, has over two thous...

6 Sep 2017