All the Fun of the Fair

Roll up! Roll up! The funfair is coming to our side of town. Just around the corner from Attic Self Storage on York Way in King’s Cross. We’re pleased to welcome the M+L Pleasure Fair to Caledonian Park, Market Road, N7 9PL. 16th – 25th June. (Weekdays 3pm until 9.30 pm. Weekends 12 Noon until 9.30pm).

Something for the whole family

This is a real family friendly affair. Run by Mark Benson and his wife, Lillian Shaw, M+L Pleasure Fairs have been running since 2003. These guys pride themselves on providing good, clean, super safe, family fun. (No greasy haired bloke standing on the back of your seat spinning you round so fast you throw up here). They both have a professional showman background – Benson Fun Fairs – and have candyfloss running through their veins. child at the fair

A bit on the side show

Before you venture onto the main rides, why not explore the side shows? There should be either a Ghost Train or a Haunted House to get your heart pumping and the kids jumping. Then check your navigational skills in the Mirror Maze – can you find your way through the glass walls and doors without getting lost or banging into your own reflection like a drunken budgie? If your youngsters are desperate to win something there are plenty of opportunities… gone are the days of sickly goldfish in plastic bags, but there are prizes galore when they Hook-a-Duck. (Not a real duck, obviously. A plastic duck. There’s no animal cruelty going on here).

For the little ones

Circo Loco is a giant soft play area for younger kids complete with trampoline, slides and ball pond. If that doesn’t wear them out, try taking them flying. They’ll love going round and round in a Mini Plane that they can pilot themselves. Bungees? Yes, they’ve got bungees. Inflatables? Of course! Just get your little loves to take their shoes off before they enjoy a bounce or a slide. And they’ve got those Water Walkers things too ­– giant transparent plastic bubbles that the kids can go inside to roll and float around on water. Things have changed since you were a nipper, eh?

Not for the squeamish

Height and age restrictions may apply may apply on some of the more exhilarating rides. The names alone are enough to turn your stomach inside out –The Big Buzz, Booster, Extreme, Freak Out, Meteorite, Midnight Express, Star Flyer. I can almost hear the teenagers screaming their lungs out as they are spun, shaken and rotated in all directions. You may prefer to stay on the ground and take the pictures that they can post on Instagram later.

Good old fashioned fun

There are plenty of gentler Family Rides too if you don’t fancy high-octane gravity defying thrills. All the usual suspects from your own childhood should be there. Take your pick from The Dodgems, Carousel or Ferris Wheel. Or maybe brave the Roller Coaster, Twister or Helter Skelter. Go on, you know you want to.

Fancy something to eat?

This isn’t the place to find freshly squeezed beetroot juice and organic salads. Nah! Stuff your faces with Bratwurst, Candy Floss, Sweets, Jumbo Hot Dogs, Cheeseburgers, Mr. Softee Ice Cream, Slushy drinks and fizzy pop instead. You’ll find everything you could possibly need to make yourself feel thoroughly queasy when you step off the Waltzer. ice cream cornet

Soft and cuddly

And remember if you end up winning too many giant teddy bears, there’s always somewhere you can put them nearby. Attic Self Storage, of course. You’ll find our rates are, ahem, very fair.

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