An Epic End Of Season Finale

They came together in pursuit of glory; opposing forces battling it out in a sea of mud; men, women and children throwing themselves fearlessly into the fray; running, kicking and struggling their way to victory – the roar of the crowd spurring them on.

No, not another episode of Game of Thrones, rather a Game of Rugby season finale that has become essential viewing in East London. The weekend just gone saw another installment of the traditional Rugby festival organized by Hackney RFC (the ones with dragons on their shirts) and great fun was had by all. Even the sun made a guest appearance in time for the BBQ.


As East London’s most sport obsessed storage company, with our Bow HQ a short sprint from the Olympic Park, Attic Self Storage are proud to sponsor Hackney Rugby Football Club and we will continue to support all the tremendous grass roots work they are doing in the borough.

Each September we sponsor their 10-a-side tournament and we also provide cash for coaching, buying kit, staging events and replacing equipment. (We’re conveniently located in E3 and N7 should you have a large consignment of oval balls you need to store).


We’re especially keen to help kids from under privileged backgrounds to discover the joys of playing rugby. Hackney RFC have done a great job of encouraging youngsters of all ages and genders, and from every walk of life to lace their boots up and get involved.


A couple of weekends ago the younger players had their final session at Springhill sports ground. Attic Self Storage were happy to be involved once again. Even without the girls' teams present (they were away at a Wasps tournament), there were lots of families in attendance and plenty of decent rugby played. The Kids Vs. Parents’ game was particularly entertaining from what we hear.


Attic Self Storage would like to give a big shout out to all the coaches and players who have worked hard and played hard to make Hackney RFC a force to be reckoned with. We’re only too happy that we were able to help provide shiny engraved medals for the most outstanding young players at the end of another terrific season. Congratulations to the boys’ winners by age group who were:

U7 Nathan Pollard

U8 Sidney Owen

U9 Tom Pendlebury

U10 Sonny Van Cauwelaent

U11 Stanley Martineau

U12 Jose Salazar

U13 Troy Reid

U14 Adam Cane

There were also 3 medals provided for the absent girls but the coaches haven’t told us the winner's names yet, unfortunately. Well done to the young ladies, whoever they are!


Supporting Hackney RFC is just part of Attic Self Storage’s wider commitment to social responsibility. We love to support local charities and do everything we can to have a positive impact on the areas around London where our branches are located. We want to put ourselves at the heart of the community – Attic is here to provide storage space and make the world a better place.

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