Attic Self Storage in the Economist Magazine

The Economist magazine has written a piece about self storage in the UK. Included in the latest edition of the weekly magazine, which has a distributorship of over 3 million copies in the UK alone in addition to the website and other electronic editions, the article appears in the February 1st 2014 magazine which will be dropping on people's doormats today or tomorrow. In the article, writer Daniel Knowles, who came to visit Attic Self Storage in East London, quotes our Managing Director Frederic de Ryckman de Betz as saying "the atmosphere is meant to be a little like hotels, but colder and without the carpets". Speaking while seated in Attic's comfortable, spacious new reception area, the comment rings true: bright, wide, well light and clean corridors lead to the storage units, themselves made of clean, shiny white and light blue metal sheeting. With energy efficient LED downlights and gentle music piped throughout, the environment is safe, comfortable and pleasant: somewhere you would be happy to send your wife, mother or girlfriend to on her own in the middle of the night. The article also quotes Jimmy Gibson from Big Yellow, the UK's second largest operator but perhaps best known by brand, and certainly with the strongest brand presence in London. New sites are hard to come by he says, with fierce competition from residential developers. This acts as a barrier to entry and will doubtless limit the final supply of self storage in London, which can only benefit the incumbents. Anticipating decent growth ahead as the housing market picks up, self storage has weathered the recent deep recession that resulted from the financial crisis very well. You can read the article yourself by following this link, or alternatively get in touch with us if you would like to know more. Attic Self Storage and The Economist Magazine

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