Best In Class Customer Service Is No Accident

Attic Self Storage, based in East London, has invested further in training and coaching the team. Already the winners of the FEDESSA European Customer Service Award in 2012, the team has decided to go for broke and see if it can win another award in 2015. With the assistance of the Government run Growth Vouchers scheme, Attic has been able to invest in enhanced customer service training and coaching for the whole team. Alison Edgar's Sales Coaching Solutions was engaged to help deliver the coaching, with her view that "when delivered correctly, sales and customer service are the same thing" echoing our own. The training and coaching sessions took place over several days, spread out over a period of two months allowing for some initial full-on training followed up with repeat, one on one coaching sessions. Everything from recognising personality types (and how to deal with them) through to improved team communication was covered, with immediate results seen; the team is more effective at converting clients, and the process is far easier and less stressful. No hard sell here, just a friendly ear - and clients respond to that. Ikraam Kajee was the winner of the first sales incentive we ran following the coaching, in order to encourage the team to retain what they had learned and put into practice their learning points. But we are all winners - we're the A-Team, the number one team in London for best in class self storage customer service!

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