Bp Collins assists in Attic Self Storage Growth

Great businesses don't happen overnight. And they don't grow alone either. It takes hard work, belief, dedication, attention to detail, trust and teamwork. And in that list, teamwork is one of the most important aspects: you need to find, and surround yourself, with good people. Attic Self Storage was fortunate to come across BP Collins early on in its search for business partners. Requiring a law firm to assist with its growth from start-up to fully fledged successfull business, Attic's founder was looking for a law firm with the professional experience of other City and magic circle law firms, but without the London City price tag. BP Collins fit the bill perfectly, based in Gerards Cross and so able to entice hihgh quality staff from London with a decent quality of life just outside the City, and yet close enough to the action when it matters. BP Collins has assisted Attic in a variety of matters from commercial property through commercial litigation, property litigation, employment, personal life planning, residential and other matters. In all cases, BP Collins has achieved a successful outcome for Attic. The strength and depth of the one-service offering BP Collins brings to the table, combined with their unwavering professionalism and strong results across the board, have ensured this partnership is one that will last.

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