Busy, Busy, Busy Little Bees!

Well my my, it has been a busy year. First there was the launch of Attic Removals, the newest and most professional accredited removal service in London last summer. Of course, that meant a new website to build, not to mention a team and vehicles to find, along with the usual systems, processes and controls that needed putting in place.

Then there was the rebuild of the self storage website. As the removals one went so well, we felt ready to improve on our core website. Not a small beast, this took up some time. There was a new structure to come up with, new pictures, new content and a new look and feel. The project is ongoing, with social media feeds and a blog added, and now a new quote system about to be launched in the next few days.

Then, we decided to remodel our building and move reception. Cue a tendering process, designs to be agreed, projects to be costed, negotiated, awarded. Funding put in place. Orders placed. Work starts. Through it all, the usual trading; adding new staff, improving existing systems.

And now here we are, it’s the end of summer (almost!) and the store is almost full. Our removal crews have been hard at work and seem to get busier as time goes by; August was a record month on both the storage and removal sides.

So what next? Well, we need to build more storage units of course. London is short of space, and Londoners demand more space to store their things. We have an obligation to provide this service for them and we are up to the task! So for now, an extra 30 or so storage rooms which will add a little capacity to take the edge off the strain for this year, before things slow down going in to winter.

But who knows what 2014 will bring. More clients, more work, a need for new removals vehicles and more storage space. We’re up for it. The team’s up for it. We’re busy little bees, working away in our little hive here in Bow, East London. Why not come and taste the honey we’re making for yourself?

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