Buzzing for stickers!

As spring rolls around, Attic Self Storage is pleased to announce some exciting news… we are supporting the honey bee, in partnership with the British Bee Keepers Association (the BBKA) and their Friends of the Honeybee campaign. Going forwards, for every single move-in, we will be donating £1 to the BBKA and the Friends of the Honeybee. We’ve spoken with the passionate team at the BBKA, and what we can tell you is that they are flat out… they work their little behinds off for this very worthwhile cause, but they are also very stretched, trying to do as much as they can with very limited resources. In 2013, we trialled our first wildflower planting section. It was a great success and we expanded it threefold for 2014, adding a fantastic lavender border. When we saw the amazing numbers of bumblebees buzzing around our lavender, we wondered if we could introduce hives into our wildflower garden. Unfortunately, while it is large enough, we are too close to a busy main road and so the advice was not to place bees in our garden. Cue big sad face. The one day Linda came up with an idea; if we couldn’t give the bees a home ourselves, maybe we could help others who were working to give the bees a home? She got in touch with the BBKA and before you could buzz your way to the nearest daffodil, we had struck up a partnership. Every time a client chooses to store with Attic, we will donate £1 to the Friends of the Honeybee. And as well as knowing that you are helping to save the honeybee, you get a free sticker too, so everyone knows about this worthwhile cause. We can’t wait for this year’s wildflower planting to come in to bloom, we’ve even extended the lavender again for maximum nectar production and of course, we’ll be sharing updates on our blog including photos of the flowers and the bees. Oh what fun, we’re all truly buzzing with excitement!

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