Commemorate Moon Day 2018

Did you know that this Friday, July 20th is Moon Day? No, that’s not some flimsy excuse to drop your trousers and flash your naked backside at the neighbours. It is in fact the 49th anniversary of the day the first man set foot on the moon, so show some respect.

Moon Day

The Eagle has landed

That’s right. The 20th of July 1969 was the date Michael Collins kept Apollo 11 in orbit around the moon while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended to the surface in the landing module. Six hours after touch down, Armstrong was the first to step onto the lunar surface uttering that famous (if slightly fluffed) sentence: “one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”

First astronauts on the moon

Men on the Moon

Armstrong was soon joined by Aldrin, and they spent about two and a half hours outside the landing craft bouncing around, playing golf, putting up American flags and taking selfies even though Instagram wasn’t invented yet.

The two astronauts also quickly established that the moon wasn’t made of cheese and they collected roughly 47.5 pounds of lunar rocks and dust to prove it, which they brought back to Earth with them. Pound for pound, that’s probably still some of the most expensive dirt that has ever been imported to the USA.

Moon Rock

Back on Earth

Millions and millions of earthlings watched the moon mission live on televisions across the globe and in typically humble language NASA reported the moon landing as being “the single greatest technological achievement of all time.” To be honest, it probably was, especially when you consider that it was all done with less computer processing power than you’ll find today in your average smart phone.

Watching the Moon Landing

Space - the final frontier

Nearly fifty years later the moon landing hasn’t been repeated, with the United States, Russia, China and European Space Agencies preferring to put their energies into sending unmanned missions to Mars, Saturn and beyond. Exploration of the solar system has largely been left to robots, computers and drones these days.

Space - The Final Frontier

If you really want to go for a space walk, your best hope lies in signing up for a private expedition with Elon Musk or Richard Branson or one of the other space entrepreneurs. Or if you want to experience the joy of space right here on Earth, try visiting Attic Self Storage in King’s Cross.

Houston we have a problem!

We don’t do self storage in Texas or North America yet.

Euston, we have a solution!

Attic Self Storage in York Way, King’s Cross is perfectly placed for all your central and north London storage requirements however. Give us a call and arrange a visit.

Space exploration

We can offer you as much space as you could possibly wish for. Whether you want a small locker for your moon rock collection, or something more like a hangar where you can fake a Mars landing, we’re only too happy to show you the advanced facilities we have on offer.

Unlike visiting the moon, you’ll find our storage units come with loads of oxygen, plenty of gravity and a really friendly atmosphere. And with CCTV, alarms and security shutters they are more secure than the launch pad at Cape Canaveral.

Enjoy Moon Day on Friday, and don’t forget to call Attic if you have any other space related queries.

Why not combine a visit to Attic Self Storage, King’s Cross with a visit to Quentin Blake: Voyages to the Moon and the Sun at House of Illustration, 2 Granary Square, N1C 4BH? An out of this world exhibition.

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