Complete EndtoEnd Service from Attic Self Storage

Complete End to End Services from Attic Self Storage London

The task of packing up your bulky belongings and having them sent to a secure, trusted self storage provider can be difficult. Before you can begin organising your things you must locate a great storage company that will give you excellent customer services, fair and fixed prices and the assurance that their facilities will safely keep your property until it can be collected. Attic Self Storage London is based in East London and they provide all their customers with bespoke storage and removal services. We created an End to End service with the aim of saving our clients time, effort, hassle and stress during the moving and storage process. Attic Self Storage London follows 7 steps for carrying out complete end to end services which begin with one phone call. After that your dedicated account manager will organise the entire process of packing, storing then transporting your goods to their new location. All the details are specified by you so you receive a custom made service.

Steps of the End to End Self Storage Service

  1. Call Attic and get an initial consultation and advice on your storage request
  2. If required, a home visit is arranged to provide a firm estimate
  3. All the packaging materials you require are provided
  4. If required, our team will take care of all your packing
  5. The removal service takes all your belongings and transports them to the storage facility or any other destination if you just need removals
  6. Your belongings are safely and securely stored in Attic Self Storage London
  7. When you’re ready the final removal takes place from storage to your new home or building
To begin this carefully organised process contact a member of the Attic Storage team today. Telephone: 020 8981 6800 Email: [email protected]

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