When we were younger choices were made for us, whether it was what to wear, where we go to school, or even where we spent our holidays. But now we make those decisions ourselves and are told we can do anything and be anything we want. Here at Attic Storage, we think that’s great so we have been pondering these BIG decisions, and how we can help to make the options seem a little easier… Travelling is one option for those who aren’t quite ready for, or need a break from, working life. Round the world tickets, with everything safely mapped out for you is one way to keep the parents happy, and with easy internet access and Skype available all over the world, travelling can be done in safely, comfort and ease. So whether heading off for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years (lucky people), rather than distributing all of your belongings between obliging friends or relatives, save the hassle (and the false smiles) and pop it all into one of our secure units - we’ve got storage space for all needs from lockers to rooms that can contain the entire contents of a house! Another choice that many of us have to make as we reach adulthood is whether or not to go to university. The increase in fees alongside high unemployment figures is making this decision harder than ever. The student lifestyle appeals to many as a stop gap between school and work, gaining experience of moving away from home with the support of others in the same boat. We aim to help with the student experience, and look after your belongings when you head back home for the holidays, to get food, warmth and sleep ready for the next term! People in their twenties seem to move around a lot, trying out different jobs, different cities, and different relationships! House shares are common in London, but not everyone is lucky enough to get on with their housemates. So if you do make the decision to move out, with our removal service we can pack up your bits, look after any bobs, and make the whole thing that little bit easier. Then there are the BIGGEST decisions of all; marriage, buying a house and babies. Sometimes when this happens, you need to clear out the old to make room for the new. Your favourite ‘lazy boy’ chair may not be to the taste of the other half. But with all of these changes come a whole host of memories; the wedding dress, baby’s favourite toy, first bike, clothes – if you find that you don’t need these things around the house, why not let us look after them for you, until they may be needed again (but hopefully not the wedding dress..!)

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