Declutter Your Home by Using Self Storage

Are you having trouble finding places to store new items in your home after the holiday season? If so, this may be an indicator that your living area has become too cluttered. Recover lost space by placing valuables that you may not use on a regular basis in a self storage unit. Self storage facilities allow you to keep your prized possessions in a secure, remote location until you need them again.
We have created a room-by-room guide that will assist you in deciding on which belongings to keep close and which items to store elsewhere. Your home will soon become clutter free within days!
The Kitchen
Start the decluttering process by looking for unused cooking utensils and accessories in the kitchen. Do you have extra spatulas, silverware sets, tea towels, or expensive cooking knives that you rarely use? Box them up and take them with you on the next trip to your self storage unit. Your cabinets and kitchen counter can be used to store other cooking gadgets that will be used more frequently.
The Living Room
Your living room is commonly the place where you spend the most amount of time. This means that it may also contain the most number of unused items. Carefully look around the room and ask yourself what value each belonging brings to you. If your coffee table is only used to display magazines that are rarely touched, then it might be time to place those items in storage. Do the same with books and other decorative objects that may not hold the same value to you as they once did.
The Bedrooms
If you are having difficulty falling asleep at night, the clutter in your bedroom might be responsible for keeping you awake. The stimulation that certain objects bring is not conducive to a good night’s rest. Take down elaborate wall hangings and remove other decorations from bedroom dressers that might be hindering your sleep. Place the objects in self storage until you can find an alternative location for each one.
The Closets
Are your closets packed full with clothes, linens, and miscellaneous items? Slowly sort through each closet and set aside items that are not in season for temporary storage. For example, down comforters and winter coats serve no purpose in your home during the hot, humid summer months. Oscillating fans and lightweight clothing are not useful during the winter. Increase space by only keeping items that you regularly use in your home.
The Garage and Shed
You may not spend a lot of time in your garage or shed, but the storage space that they provide is still valuable to you. Sort through your items and decide which ones you should keep readily available at your home. Do this by factoring in how often you use the item and its importance to you. For example, a large do-it-yourself project that you have been procrastinating on would give you extra room if you moved it to your self storage unit. Old tools that can be used to fix minor issues around your home would be useful if something unexpectedly broke, meaning that it might be beneficial to keep them near you.
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