Despite Everything… Christmas Is Still Coming

The Festive season of 2020 is shaping up to be very different from previous years. What does that mean for shopping, family and business?

With Britain in the grip of another lockdown, you may well be expecting that Christmas will be something of a damp indoor firework this year, but as always you can rely on Attic Self Storage to be on hand to dispense hope, seasonal goodwill, sound advice and as much storage space as you can park a sleigh in.

Black Friday Just Got Blacker

Black Friday falls on Friday 27th November in 2020. Like every other American ‘tradition’ that our little island of shopkeepers now embraces, it swam across the pond a few years ago and has made itself right at home here in the UK. Although, with only essential shops being open at the moment, the chances of you being able to buy a lurid pink Hello Kitty bubble machine at a bargain price from TOYS R US may well be, erm, pricked this year.

Cyber Monday on 30th November could be a safer bet. Given the renewed restrictions that are currently in operation, it’s highly likely that the UK is going to see a significant shift to online shopping in the coming weeks and months.

Keep an eye on your social media feeds for a bonanza of ‘unprecedented’ bargains. Then you can look forward to a New Year full of follow-up offers and, no doubt, a delightful customer survey or ten. Tis the season to be junk-mailed!

Is Your Business Running On Empty?

A lot of retail businesses are seriously struggling this autumn. If you’re running one of them, you’ll know how only too well how footfall has dried up on the high-street and in shopping centres across the capital.

To make things slightly more depressing, the usual Christmas markets and festive fairs are less likely to go ahead too. If you rely on mulled-wine-sozzled punters to (last minute) purchase your wares, it might be time to think about plan B, C or even W:

A World Wide Web Of Opportunity

If you’re already set up online, you’ll know just how large your potential audience is. Basically, you can reach anybody with an internet connection and money to splurge on designer Covid-19 masks, handmade candles or whatever it is you’re flogging.

If you haven’t built your own website yet, now’s your chance to take the plunge into the shark infested sea of virtual shopping, in time for Christmas. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a blue-haired computer geek with weird ideas about typography.

There are plenty of DIY website design packages (many of them free) where you can display your products, provide a virtual shopping basket and let people check-out and ship your goods using PayPal, Credit Card or Bitcoin. The world is your Oyster. Just ask TFL.

The Business of Business Storage

This is where Attic Self Storage fits neatly into the covid-infected equation. Lots of our existing business customers are seeing the demand for their products increase. And with it their need for storage space. Helping small businesses take care of their business stock is a big part of our growing business.

If you can make or acquire stock fast enough to supply the burgeoning Christmas market, we can definitely help when it comes to finding somewhere safe, secure, clean, dry and not-in-your-living-room to store it. Just speak to one of our friendly customer service elves.

Christmas Present Storage

Given that Santa is going to have to do the majority of his work via the internet in 2020, and the post isn’t the most reliable right now, most families are liable to be getting their Xmas orders in early.

But that raises an additional challenge – how are you going to keep the presents away from the keen eyes and prying fingers of your darling little loved ones? Kids who’ve already been confined to the home for half the year would no doubt relish a game of gift-wrapped hide and seek.

We would suggest a local self-storage facility is the ideal hiding place for all those early purchases. So, who you gonna call?

Shop Local To Help Out

As a company that prides itself on providing an unequalled local service and supporting local communities in every which way we can, Attic would entreat you to try alternative retailers, shop locally and support your local producers. Even if those local producers are now having to open their virtual doors online.

They say we’re all in this together. If you bear that in mind when you’re planning Christmas, we can help to keep the little guys afloat and, hopefully, enjoy an altogether happier 2021.

Happy shopping!

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