East London Businesses Shine

Happy-london-self-storage-client-2_zoom_141024162324 So who says the East End of London is poor, downtrodden, underdeveloped and full of second rate businesses and people. Who thinks all the best stuff goes on in the City, or in the West End. Who thinks East London just isn't, well, classy? Well let me tell you what class is. Class is delivering first class customer care. Class is going out of your way to make someone happy. Class is building personal relationships and helping people because, well, that's just what we're meant to do as human beings, is it not? And if you agree with me, then I think you'll find there is no shortage of classy people and classy joints in East London. I hate to brag, but I know ours is one of them. Take a look at the pictures of a storage returning client below, see the sheer joy not only on her face but also on the faces of my team - because class is also, at the end of the day, recognising other people's humanity and respecting other people, especially when they go out of their way to help you. Sometimes all it takes is a simple "thank-you, you did a great job" to make someone's day. Have a great week-end everyone, and remember, stay classy!!

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