Eat, Drink and Ask Alexa About Attic

In a flurry of bags, boxes, wrapping paper, tinsel, trees and chocolate-coated over indulgence Christmas is upon us again. In an act of seasonal generosity, we’ve already given away a Fortnum & Mason’s hamper to one of our customers. Eat, drink and ask Alexa about Attic.

Ask Alexa image

Alexa, can you remind our friends and neighbours that Attic Self Storage will always be here for them and that we’ll never let crass commercialism overshadow the true meaning of storage?

Cue music:

  • So this is Christmas
  • And what have you done?
  • Another year over
  • And a new one just begun
  • And so this is Christmas
  • I hope you have fun
  • The new and the dear one
  • The old and the young

Stop. I think that Slade would have been jollier.

The perfect place for panto props

Oh no it isn’t. Oh, yes it is. Oh no it isn’t. Oh yes it is. Oh no it isn’t. Oh yes it is. Oh no it isn’t. Oh yes it is. Oh for God’s sake, stop arguing. Widow Twankey’s wardrobe, two-piece horse costumes and life-size beanstalks – we can accommodate them all, all year round.

Once the Christmas season is over and you want your home back, or theatre for that matter, your local Attic Self Storage in North or East London has secure space for all your pantomime paraphernalia (excluding live reindeer, real dwarves or Julian Clary).

Remember, if you’ve got a box of seasonal stuff you need to store and you’re stood in front of Attic Self Storage wondering where you can put it – Behind you!

Pantomime Costunes

Boxing day box sets

After you’ve binged and made your eyeballs bleed watching Killing Eve, The Bodyguard, Breaking Bad, Disney Classics and all The Ealing Comedies ever made, why not immerse yourself in a few hours of nature documentaries?

There’s nothing like the dulcet tones of David Attenborough, a box of Quality Street and a freshly killed Wildebeest to bring the whole family together. Once you appreciate that lions, tigers and humans all need space to survive, maybe you’ll box up your wild collection of box sets and store them away with us, along with all your old CDs, PlayStation discs and vinyl records. Feng Shui your living space.

Feng Shui Plan

The end is nigh

No sooner have you devoured the vegan nut roast, pulled the crackers, guzzled the red wine and crashed the drone into the Christmas tree for the fifteenth time, than it’s time to join hands, remember old acquaintances, open a bottle of something fizzy (Alka Seltzer probably) and usher in the New Year. So that was 2018 was it?

  • A very merry Christmas
  • And a happy New Year
  • Let's hope it's a good one
  • Without any fear

Storage solutions and resolutions

The best way to insure a bright, happy start to 2019, in our humble opinion is to have a good tidy up, de-clutter and spring clean as soon as you can in January. Talk to Attic Self Storage about renting some space to squirrel away all your Christmas baubles and unwanted presents so you can pass them onto some other poor fool next year.

We’re also handy for stockpiling canned food, wine and clothing, just in case you’d forgotten about Brexit.

Ho, ho, ho!

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