With summer activities in mind, it is always best to have the right equipment, and how many people do you know with their ‘boy toys’ stashed in their Dad’s shed, or crammed in a corner taking up valuable space – which we all know in a small flat in London or a shared house, can be a problem! Perhaps you might want to send a subtle copy of this particular blog to your ‘action man’ housemate, whose canoe you have to push past every night after work? Or your boyfriend who’s skis and surfboards are constantly crashing ontop of you every time you grab your coat from the cupboard! It’s cheaper than you think and you can have instant access to your belongings as and when you need them – perfect for that early morning dash when the surf picks up… Or indeed, if you are the adventurer of the house, we at Attic (unlike your moody housemates) understand that this equipment can be expensive, and needs to be treated with love and care, clean and ready for the next adventure. What use is a wetsuit with a hole in it? Or goggles covered in scratches? Or a rusty mountain bike that’s been left in the rain…(sob!)? And these bulky items are only the start, what about the little things – such as snorkel kits, sleeping bags, tents? So much fun, but not when full of spiders after being chucked in the attic all winter… So if you are planning on escaping this summer, make sure that your equipment is kept in top notch condition, as you never know when the sun will surprise us in England and a weekend activity camping trip is just what you need!

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