Fall in Love with Self Storage

Love is in the air this week. Or maybe in the post (if anyone still remembers what a stamp is). St. Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, February 14th is a time for giving ­– cards, chocolates, cuddly toys, flowers, romantic dinners, hugs, kisses and declarations of eternal devotion.

Romantic Dinner

However, if you really want to impress, why not bestow something rather more unusual on your loved one? Give them the gift of space.


So often the plea of the bored partner, or the language of a break-up, if heeded properly granting someone S-P-A-C-E can be a truly powerful way to strengthen a relationship.


And you don’t need Elon Musk’s spending power to make it happen.

Ladies first .......

Do you have an unmanageable collection of shoes that are trampling, tripping and testing the love in your bedroom? Is your shared wardrobe overflowing with coats, dresses and knitwear that you hardly ever wear anymore? Is your chest heaving with blankets and bed linen that you can’t bear to throw away?

Unmanageable collection of shoes

A rendezvous with a self storage unit at Attic Self Storage could be all you need to show your partner you care enough to de-clutter. Call us today on for free relationship improvement advice.

For the perfect gentleman

Perhaps your collection of cheesy trainers is ruining an otherwise beautifully rose-scented match made in heaven? Have you got your sports stuff stuffed under the bed? Is there a jumbled mass of power tools, saws, hammers and chisels chipping away at your perfect marriage?

Mass of power tools

If you haven’t got a garage or a shed, hiring your very own ‘man cave’ at Attic Self Storage is an excellent way to keep all your vital bits in one place and your significant other happy. Intimate guidance is now available at either our Bow or King’s Cross branches.

A change for the children

The romance doesn’t have to stop just because your union has been blessed with offspring. Show your children how much you love them by rotating their toys this Valentine’s Day.

Put their Lego bricks in storage for a while, send their Hot Wheels on holiday for a couple of months, give their train set a seasonal break. If they’re bored of their board games, pop them away at Attic Self Storage until the summer holidays or Christmas break call for them again.

Children's toy clutter

They probably won’t notice that you’ve freed up the cupboards and the carpet in their room, but you can always divert their attention by buying them one of those teddy bears holding a heart and tell them St. Valentine visited in the night.

Book a date with Attic Self Storage

If you want to see how a storage unit at Attic Self Storage can help put the romance back in your relationship, reduce unnecessary arguments, create a more pleasant home environment and allow the positive energy to flow through your hall, around your spare room and into the cupboard under the stairs, simply give us a call.

We’d love to show you around Attic Self Storage on Valentine’s Day. Or any other day for that matter.


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