Finding Storage for Your Belongings Outside Term

The summer holidays have almost arrived and the last few exams for the academic year are being taken. For many students in university, both home and international, this signals the time to start packing up there things and hauling them back to their home town, which is usually is in a completely different region (or in some cases country) to their university campus. Most student housing contracts expire over the summer, so for a few months until the term starts again and their housing is available, they have no other local location to store the items they don’t need over the summer. An easy solution to this weighty problem is to store your items in a secure self storage facility, located in the same region as your university. This will make moving in and out so much more convenient, especially in London as it can be difficult to locate London self storage for students.

Attic, an East London Self Storage Company

Attic are a professional and independent secure self storage company that offer a range of specialised services, including London Self Storage for students. Based in East London, Attic are well equipped to help students in the capital city keep their belongings safe until the new term. Their prices start from £10.00 per week for a 10 cubic foot storage locker which is an excellent rate, particularly for those on a budget. What’s more, if you have an Isic card you can receive a discount of 10%. Attic’s London self storage for students is a bespoke service that makes the challenge of moving easy and stress free. They take care of all the hard work for you. Their services include the following:
  • Delivery of boxes and packaging
  • Collection and moving into storage
  • Collection out of storage and moving back into halls/student accommodation
  • Shipping overseas if required
To find out more about this fantastic, custom service please contact Attic Self Storage. Address: Attic Self Storage Limited, 1 Maverton Road, London, E3 2JE Telephone: 020 8981 6800 Email: [email protected]

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