Get Ready To Renovate

If you check most Estate Agent websites you’ll find properties ‘in need of renovation’ are a lot cheaper to buy than shiny brand new builds.

Or maybe you’re not looking to move home as much as give the old place you’re already in a bit of a makeover.

Either way Attic Self Storage is here to provide advice, support and s-p-a-c-e when you’re ready to refresh, reinvigorate, redecorate or totally renovate.


There are plenty of good reasons to carry out renovations:

  • Increase your comfort or enjoyment of your home
  • Fix a safety issue – dodgy wiring, leaky roof or crumbling foundations
  • Add to the value of your property
  • Upgrade its function by adding a room, roof terrace, deck or patio
  • Create a more energy efficient place (save more than you spend!)
  • Update the style to create a more contemporary living environment
  • Get ready to sell


If possible it’s a good idea to spend plenty of time living in a place before you decide to start knocking down walls and radically remodelling. Work out how you want your home to work for you.

Where does the natural light enter the property? What layout configurations are you after? Which rooms do you want to open up? When will you seek help from the experts at that local storage company beginning with the letter A?


It all depends how ambitious you’re feeling and how much cash you have to splash. Using an architect is a smart idea if you’re looking at complex designs, extensions, structural alterations, burrowing into the

basement, knocking down walls, or making changes to a listed building.

Best get a structural engineer on board if you’re intending to remove load-bearing walls or need building regulations approval.

If you’re determined to go it alone make sure you know exactly where you want to end up before you start ordering RSJs.


Create a schedule to carry out improvements so you can proceed in a logical way with minimal disruption. If you need to clear rooms to make space to work, now is the time to talk to Attic Self Storage about taking care of your furniture, fixtures and valuables that you don’t want to chuck dust sheets over or keep shifting from room to room.

Work out which original features are worth keeping and which to rip out. If you’ve got original fireplaces can you restore them rather than replace them? Same goes with period windows, cornices and mouldings. Do you need brand new floors, doors, or ceilings or can you work with what’s already there?


Your renovation project doesn’t need to be a tumbledown country cottage. More and more people are seeing the potential in doing up post war urban properties. They might not look all that to start with but that’s where you can get creative and make something extraordinary happen inside the original shell. Or is an exterior makeover in order? Timber cladding to create a contemporary feel? What about adding a porch? A landscaped garden? Gates? Fences? Shutters? A super high-tech alarm system like the one we have protecting Attic Self Storage?


As a rough guide the structural side of your project should be allocated 60% of the budget, with 40% left for fixtures and fittings. But do you need to fit new radiators and look at replumbing the whole place? Is it crying out for rewiring? Plumbers and electricians don’t come cheap.


More and more people are embarking on eco-renovations or ‘ecovations’ to improve the energy efficiency of old properties. A less drafty home is more economical to run and more comfy to live in. Consider things such as draft proofing, loft and wall insulation, upgrading your boiler, sorting out old windows, fitting double-glazing. Remember Attic has all sorts of impressive green credentials if you need somewhere eco-friendly to store stuff while your solar paneled roof is being fitted and your under floor heating is being laid.


Once all the hard structural work has been done, it’s time for the fun bit – the finishing touches. Old and

new walls need to be prepared, plastered and painted or papered. Floors – sanded, levelled, or covered in carpets or tiles. Woodwork inside and out has to be stripped prepped and finished.

And after all that, you can finally move your rugs and furniture and lamps back in along with your books and paintings and antique vases (all carefully stored at you know where) and start living in your home again.

Or, of course, if you’ve totally had enough of the place after all that renovation work, it’s the perfect time to sell up and buy a boat.

And yes, Attic can help with that too.

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