Home storage solutions - 5 reasons to use self-storage instead

Squeezing your worldly possessions into the loft is never an easy feat. No matter how large the loft, it always seems to be the part of the house that we dread to tread, doesn’t it? If you resonate with this, then you are certainly not alone! Here are 5 reasons you may want to consider self-storage rather than home storage when organising your home.

1. A lack of home storage can ruin your feng shui

Items falling out of cupboards or your child’s football awards stuffed in amongst old magazines and books? A lack of home storage solutions can be a real mood killer, especially when there is a lack of organisation and you can’t find anything. There is also something stress-inducing about finding space for items we want to save for a later date (like the beautiful Moses basket you can’t part with).

2. A lack of home storage may damage your possessions

One of the most frustrating things about storing all of our possessions in the home is that they can get damaged so easily. It makes sense that a lack of space will lead to items being stacked on top of each other, squashed into a small space or left on a shelf to collect dust and damp. This is especially true of items we only use at certain times of the year, like garden furniture, decorations and camping gear. Thankfully short or long term storage can help.

3. A lack of home storage isn’t suitable for saving seasonal items

…meaning you will end up buying new Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, Halloween costumes (but to name a few!) every year through lack of space. This can be costly, and somewhat of a chore if there was nothing wrong with the items from previous years.

4. A lack of home storage might force you to part with cherished items

Let’s own up to it, we all have possessions that we want to keep but we might not have space in the home for them. A good example is collectables and memorabilia, which may be worth lots of money in years to come, but would otherwise clutter the home.

5. A lack of home storage can infringe upon your interior design

We all want to live in a home that we are proud to call our own. It can be disheartening when we work hard to achieve this, but we just have too much 'stuff' to maintain it. If you are having this problem, you could consider self-storage solutions as an alternative.

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