How can self storage support your business and personal needs in 2021?

Are you looking for self storage to help to boost your business? Do you need somewhere to store your personal belongings while you move to a new house? Read on to find out how secure self storage with 24-hour access can support you.

How could a self storage unit support your business in 2021?

If your business is expanding quickly, you might need somewhere to store extra items before you acquire bigger premises. Getting a self storage unit in London is often cheaper than renting business space, and in these uncertain times, it would be prudent to save all the money you can. Don’t worry about security, all our sites have secure perimeter fencing with controlled access 24 hours a day along with externally monitored CCTV Whatever you need to store, you can rest assured it will be safe with us at Attic Self Storage. Find out more about our self storage options for your business today.

How can a self storage unit help you prepare for big changes this year?

There are many events that can bring changes to your life. Having a new baby is one of the biggest – certainly in terms of the number of things that you will need to purchase. A self storage unit could be a great solution to store all the items you collect while getting your home ready for the new arrival. Babies may be small, but they certainly need a lot of things; bedroom furniture, clothes, accessories, prams, and carriers to name a few. If you live in a small flat, it can be hard to store everything away, and you may find yourself tripping over things. A self storage unit that has 24-hour access may be the solution to your problem, and you can keep hold of those sentimental baby things you would have otherwise had to throw away as they grow up. Don't forget to check out our handy guide on how to store your new-born’s possessions.

Which self storage option is right for you?

The type and size of self storage you will need depends entirely on how much you have to store. To work this out, use our storage size calculator. If you own a large business, you may need a bigger space in a central location, especially if you need to access stock quickly. If you are looking to store tools or equipment during a home improvement, then a smaller space will probably suffice. We offer a range of self storage units in London, so whether you’re in the city centre or if you’re further out in the suburbs, there will be a self storage facility to suit your needs. Our self storage lockers are also perfect for those going travelling after the pandemic. If you are planning your trip now, consider one of our storage lockers to keep your belongings safe when you are on your travels.

Whatever your storage needs, Attic Self Storage can help. We have self storage units London-wide, and our professional, highly trained teams are on hand to discuss sizing or any other questions you might have if you get in touch. Our secure self storage is easy to set up and you will have access to your possessions at any time, which is perfect for 24/7 businesses or late-night projects. Contact Attic Self Storage today for more information.