How Green is My Storage?

Our company livery may be a gentle shade of turquoise, but the heart of our business is solid green. When you rent a storage unit at Attic Self Storage you’re buying into our sustainable storage philosophy.

We believe that we should do our utmost to have a positive impact on the planet where we do business and keep our carbon footprint as small as we possibly can (we calculate exactly how big that footprint is every year and subscribe accordingly to an approved carbon offset scheme).

Carbon footprint

Eco friendly on every level

Our in-store mezzanine decking is sourced exclusively from well-managed forests, and we fit out our premises using recycled wood, metal and fibre wherever possible.

A great big chunk – over 80% – of the boxes, wrapping and packaging we sell at Attic Self Storage are either recycled or recyclable. After you move home, or in and out of storage, we’re here to help you recycle any packing materials you have left over.

We’ve established an on-site cardboard recycling team at each of our stores: just bring us your old cardboard boxes and we’ll personally see to it that they don’t get dumped in a landfill site.

Boxes for recycling

The lights aren't on when no one's at home

We don’t burn electricity unnecessarily. If you take advantage of our 24-hour opening hours and visit in the middle of the night you’ll find our corridors are fitted with Passive Infrared Detection (PIR for short). So the lights only come on when there’s a customer there who needs them. You’d be surprised how much it reduces our power consumption across the year.

The light fittings themselves are special compact fluorescent lights with electronic starters, which further reduce our energy demands. We were the first storage company to fit this kind of innovative lighting technology.

It’s no idle boast when we say 100% of our power requirements come from renewable sources.

Lighting in Corridor

The art of recycling

Our Market Road street art gallery on the outside wall of our King’s Cross building has been designed to have a positive impact on our immediate environment, both visually and ecologically.

A local north London recycling company has provided much of the paint that our featured artists have been using. And we encourage anyone who leaves their mark on the wall, not to leave a mess behind them. Even their empty spray cans go in the recycling bin.

Together we can make a difference

To show everyone we mean business, Attic Self Storage is part of the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership and a member of the Hackney Biodiversity Partnership. We’re proud to say we also won the award for Environmental Awareness in recognition of our eco friendly efforts.

Eco warriors wanted

Of course, you could go to a storage company that doesn’t take such an active interest in recycling and honeybees and wildflower gardens and environmental art and such like. But here at Attic we like to think that our customers are as keen to save the planet as we are.

Perhaps, eventually, our sustainable storage philosophy will make all the other storage companies turn green.

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