How to Send a Donation From A to Bee!

The Bee Song -
  • Oh, what a wonderful thing to be
  • A healthy, grown-up, busy-busy bee
  • Whiling away all the passing hours
  • Pinching all the pollen from the cauliflowers
  • I'd like to be a busy little bee
  • Being as busy as a bee can be
  • Flying around the garden, brightest ever seen
  • Taking back the honey to the dear old queen
  • Bzz-bzz-bzz-bzz, honey bee, honey bee
  • Buzz if you like but don't sting me
  • Bzz-bzz-bzz-bzz, honey bee, honey bee
  • Buzz if you like, but don't sting me
Fittingly, it gave me great pleasure recently to write a cheque for £1,157 to the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA). That represents a £1 donation for every move-in we’ve had since we got involved in their Friends of The Honey Bee scheme. Thanks to all our lovely new customers for making it possible! Obviously, I was a little bit disappointed that our local bee population didn’t form themselves into one huge buzzing hand, so that they could receive the cheque personally, but maybe I watched too many cartoons as a kid. We did get a nice ‘thank you’ letter from the BBKA however, and our commitment to our little winged chums will continue regardless... with the honey bee population in decline across the country we’re keen to help put the Bee back in Britain. At Wick Lane HQ we’ve already had the gardeners in to tend to our wildflower meadow, which was a riot of colour and insect activity all summer. It’s now been cut back, and re-seeded, ready to bloom again next season and give the bees somewhere to forage for pollen, nectar and water. It takes a bit of upkeep, and it looks a bit dull in the winter, but it’s worth it when the lavender blossoms in all its purple glory, and the yellow rattle shows itself against the background of the A12 in the spring. In further good news for the London Bee population, we’re also opening a new Attic Self Storage branch soon in King’s Cross and we’re planning to provide a home for a number of hives on the roof. We’ll be working with a dedicated team of local beekeepers to keep the occupants healthy and we’re hoping we can invite some local school kids in to see how apiarists work in an urban setting (and teach them what the word ‘apiarist’ means). This is all part of our commitment to having a positive impact on the surrounding community, supporting local charities and improving the environment wherever we do business. Oh, and in case you didn’t realize, Attic Self Storage is also thoroughly amazing if you’re a regular human being looking for an exceptional storage facility. It’s the place to come if you want secure 24-hour access, exceptional customer service, a man with a van, a mail service, meeting rooms and, with a bit of luck, a pot of honey or two. Let the bees be! Fred

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