How Was Your Easter Break?

This blog is late. Choco-late. Easter was smothered in it. The overpowering influence of the sickly gooey brown stuff has swallowed up our children and consumed the nation over the past few days. I can feel it oozing through my veins even now. Dripping Chocolate According to legend, the first chocolate egg was produced by JS Fry of Bristol in 1873. Since then it’s hatched into a global choconomenon featuring chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate chicks, chocolate logs, chocolate frogs, and chocolate coated chocolate cake with added chocolate chunks. Chocolate Easter Bunny

Melting in the heat

But it wasn’t it exactly the weather for eating chocolate or hot cross buns this weekend was it? In parts of Britain it was ‘mucho scorchio’ than Corfu and Mallorca. So bad luck if you went to Corfu or Mallorca looking for the sun. It was here all along. And no doubt weekend choc-ice sales in Brighton will prove it.

Did you get stuck in traffic?

Perhaps you spent a traditional Easter stuck in one of the delightful motorway queues that formed on the M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M62, M25… and to think you could have avoided it all by taking a quick spin along the A12 to our Bow facility or driven up York Way to Attic Self Storage in King’s Cross. Why would anyone want to sit sweltering in a car eating melted Maltesers and moaning about not moving, when you could have moved a van load of stuff into the nice cool interior of one of our lovely units? With 365 day 24/7 access you could have spent the entire bank holiday weekend soaking up the smog-free atmosphere of a super modern storage facility complete with locks, lifts, automatic lights and on-site toilet facilities. A much more luxurious experience than fighting to get to the coast and back.

Fires, black holes and climate protests

In other news, Notre Dame Cathedral burnt down last week, which wasn’t a great advertisement for going to church at Easter. Scientists managed to take the first ever photograph of a black hole – sucking in all light, matter, time and everyone’s will to live like an intergalactic Brexit. And finally, climate change protestors took over parts of central London at the weekend in an attempt to push the issue of global warming higher up the agenda. Ironically, the weather turned out really nice for them.

Get ready for the summer

Well it’s back to business this week for Attic Self Storage. If you fancy getting ready for summer as we head into the end of April, you could try de-cluttering, storing away your winter woolies or putting all those bonnets and chocolate egg moulds in storage until the Easter bunny rears his ugly teeth again next year. By the way, on a positive health note, recent research has shown that sniffing chocolate is an excellent way to give up smoking. So there’s the way to get fit now that Easter is over – don’t eat anymore chocolate. Stick your nose in it instead.

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