Hubbubs, Drumrolls & Sleighbells

Hubbubs, Drumrolls & Sleighbells what a great finish to an exciting year. Halloween has come and all the ghouls have now gone. Bonfire night went off with a whoosh and a bang and then fizzled out in a downpour. Black Friday disappeared in a flurry of discount spending. And now Christmas is racing towards us at a frantic pace in a blue of fairy lights and tinsel. It's been hard to keep up with the calendar this year. I’ve been so busy with the construction and opening of our brand new Attic branch in Kings Cross (270-276 York Way, Kings Cross, London N7 9PQ) that I haven’t had a chance to blog recently, but the premises are finally finished, fully automated and ready to offer a warm winter welcome to you. The 24-hour access security system is all in place. The movement-sensitive lights are up and operational. The heavy duty lift is ready to go. The whole building is all shiny and sparkly and rapidly filling up with new customers. And what lovely new customers they are proving to be – from students who just want enough space to store a bike, a guitar and a couple of suitcases, through to blue chip companies who are looking to archive their whole business operation under one roof. Just like with our HQ at Wick Lane, Attic Self Storage Kings Cross has a whole variety of storage units to suit every requirement and every budget. From simple post boxes where you can receive mail, right the way up to secure spaces providing enough room to pack up and store an entire four-bedroom house, or perhaps a small castle. One of the first companies through our new pin-code controlled sliding doors were The Hubbub Foundation. They’re based at Somerset House but they chose us as the best option for their storage needs. A massive vote of confidence for our new premises. Check their website at and you’ll see how they’re a social enterprise that works like a creative agency for environmental issues. And because they’re a charity all the profits are reinvested in the work they’re doing. Food, fashion, home, neighbourhoods –they’re doing lots of good work and we’re happy to have them on board. We might not be a charity but we share a very similar attitude to making a positive impact on the world around us. At the other end of the spectrum we’re working with some pretty talented individuals too. Jan-Vincent Velazco to name but one. This guy is an extraordinarily talented drummer. He plays drums for neo-progressive band Pendragon, he plays sessions for TV commercials, he even played for the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 2012. We hit it off so well with Jan-Vincent that we agreed to sound-proof his storage unit so that he can use it to jam and practice as well as store his kit (don’t worry, we did a good job of the sound-proofing, so you’ll hardly hear him even when he’s bashing away at full throttle). These are the kind of lengths we’ll go to keep our customers happy. So if you have a special requirement, or extraordinary request, it’s definitely worth asking Sonia, our Kings Cross manager, if we can accommodate you. When it comes to storage solutions, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile, which is why we’ve won awards for our customer service. At the moment we’re offering free removals for all our clients moving into Kings Cross. So whether you’re a student, an environmentally friendly charity, a super-talented drummer, or just some bloke with a white beard looking for somewhere safe to keep his sleigh next year, tis the season to call Attic Self Storage. Whether you choose York Way or Wick Lane, we offer a warm reception even when it’s freezing.

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