Is Self Storage in London Expensive?

Self storage is often seen as an expensive way to store your items, but it’s not always the case. Whilst of course there is a charge involved with most things, you’ll find that storage costs are often very reasonable and can work out cheaper than the alternatives. In this post we explore some of the self storage services and costs available to you.

Self storage prices at Attic Self Storage

Firstly, we’ll go over an example of our prices for self storage. Please note that these are representative and may vary so the best option is to contact us and talk to one of our members of staff. As a rough guide however, our self storage prices are as follows: It costs from £13pw for a storage locker, all the way up to £320pw for a 350 sq ft unit (incl VAT). The prices for our self storage vary depending on the demand and availability of units … If you see a good price, don’t let it slip! Here’s an example of our most popular self storage units:
  • 25sq ft = £23pw
  • 50sq ft = £42pw
  • 75sq ft = £59pw
  • 100sq ft = £73pw
  • 125sq ft = £99pw
  • 150sq ft = £101pw
  • Mailbox rental = £7.60pw
Once you know how much storage you’ll need you can work out the price. Your first 8 weeks will be half price because we offer the first 4 weeks free. However, we do ask for a month’s rent as a fully refundable damage and rental deposit. Read our in-depth blog about our storage costs for more information.

What are the self storage alternatives?

There are some alternatives to self storage but in many cases they can actually work out more expensive or involve much more hassle. In this section we explore some:

Removals companies & self storage

A removals company can be very expensive and is one of the major costs when it comes to moving home. While many people book the largest van they can and attempt to move everything in one day, this can be costly, stressful and also leaves you with the mammoth task of sorting everything out at the other end. An alternative is to store your unessential items in self storage and collect them as and when you need them or at least once you’ve started to get your new home organised. For example, are you likely to need the lawnmower, the kids’ bikes or even the Christmas decorations in your first week in a new home? By working out what you’re likely to need and what can wait, you can order a smaller size removal van and save some money. If you can transport things to your self storage unit with your own car… even better.

Student summer storage

A lot of students go back to their home towns during the summer months and in many cases it’s simply easier to leave things in self storage during this period. For many students, their parents will help them move in and out and for those that may have small cars or have long distances to travel will find that things like books, files and even furniture can all be left in storage at a relatively low cost instead of having to move them twice (and find somewhere to keep them at the parents’ house). These are just two examples of how the cost of self storage can actually be cheaper than the alternative, and how in a lot of cases, the convenience offered by it outweighs the cost savings of storing things on your own. Contact us today to find out more about our self storage facilities in London.

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