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We like to keep you up to date with our latest news, charitable activities and storage related hints and tips. We hope you enjoy reading them - if you’d like to read about something in particular, then please do let us know.

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The Hidden Art Gallery In King's Cross

We’re so committed to supporting local arts that we put our building where our mouth is. The rear wa...

4 Oct 2019

Christmas Canopy Market

If you’re still looking for Christmas presents, festive treats or just somewhere unusual to shop, we...

8 Dec 2018

Sustainable Self Storage

Here at Attic Self Storage we do everything we can to run an eco-friendly low-impact energy-efficien...

30 Oct 2018

Carnival 2018 Soon Come!

After the past few months of blazing hot weather, it will no doubt bucket down with torrential rain ...

5 Sep 2018

Commemorate Moon Day 2018

Did you know that this Friday, July 20th is Moon Day? No, that’s not some flimsy excuse to drop your...

19 Jul 2018

Pro Touch SA Invitational Festival 2018

With Fifa™ World Cup football fever gripping Russia, it was nice to see some serious soccer skills o...

27 Jun 2018

In Tune With Your Music Storage Needs

If you’re a musician looking for rehearsal or storage space, we’re all ears. Rock, soul, jazz, folk,...

13 Apr 2018

King's Cross Area Guide

We are fabulously proud, and more than a little bit chuffed, to announce the release of The Attic Se...

19 Mar 2018

Let There Be Lumiere

The dark days of winter can really start to drag at this time of year, but something brilliant is he...

18 Jan 2018