Happy Valentines!

posted in Latest News by Frederic at 3:41 on Feb 14th, 2015

Just a short note as the week winds to a close and Valentines day occurs on a Saturday for the first time in ages… I’m off for some typical last-minute shopping but before I do go, I just wanted to pass on some big love from the whole team here at Attic, and wish all our clients a happy valentines day – single or parternered up, know that you are loved by Attic!

Of course, there is no better gift for us to give this valentines day to all our happy customers than the gift of space.  Don’t take it the wrong way, we don’t mean that kind of space.. we just mean you own personal storage space.  So de-clutter the living room, make space for a carpet picnic and some candles, and enjoy a quiet night in with that special someone… be they lying next to you or your hero staring back at you from the big screen in front of you.

Much love,


The A-Team.

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