Storing the sun

posted in Latest News by Frederic at 10:12 on Mar 20th, 2015


If, like me, you have small children chances are you know who Mr Grue is, and you know what he he did (or may not) have done.  All we know is, the moon was stolen for a brief time before it was put back, and it was the greatest coup from any super villain ever.  For a while anyway.


So today, as the solar eclipse see the moon hide the sun entirely for a short few seconds, and partially for over an hour, one has to wonder (with ones little children at ones feet, naturally!) whether this is really some amazing natural phenomenon, or just simply a super villain attempting to steal… the sun.


Enjoy the eclipse, stay safe, and share your experiences!


Solar eclipse in london self storage

I wonder what the view was like for the people on this plane?

Solar eclipse in London


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