London Storage Space Rush for Olympics 2012

Demand for places to stay in East London during the Olympic Games has been astounding. Many landlords have resorted to renting out any kind of empty space they can find, such as vacant stores, rooftops, abandoned quarries – any kind of vacant space that will generate cash income. A little less extreme is the act of live-in landlords vacating their own property to rent out rooms or tenants offering to leave their room on a temporary basis. With this rush to move out in place of visitors coming to the city for the summer, current residents need self storage East London where they can keep their belongings. Attic Storage is a London based, secure self storage company that provide solutions to your space predicaments. They pride themselves in offering exceptional service and complete transparency on pricing. For landlords or any other person looking for London self storage, all they need to do is pick up the phone and speak with an experienced member of staff who will kick start a process which eliminates the stress of moving. The London self storage available through Attic differs from traditional forms of deep storage. Clients have unlimited access to their own storage unit which is clean, modern, bright and well lit. With years of experience in the storage industry they can give you a bespoke service, tailored specifically to your needs. Attic even has additional services such as car and van rental to assist in the collection and moving of your belongings. To learn more about how Attic Storage can provide you with storage solutions for the Olympics or any other event, contact them at Attic Self Storage Limited, 1 Maverton Road, London, E3 2JE. Telephone: 020 8981 6800 Email: [email protected]

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