London Storage, Who Stores What?

Self storage is proving to be a very popular method of storing goods when space runs a little short, but there are a number of ways that people use self storage facilities, what are they?

Uses for our London Storage

Moving house is one of the more obvious reasons people use our London storage facilities. Often when people are moving properties there is a period of time where they need to put some unnecessary bits to the side whilst getting the main move organised. As such we regularly get homeowners using our facilities for a couple of months. We help our customers work out how much space they’ll need so they can be sure they’re getting the most for their money. International students are also regulars to our storage facility. When breaking up for Christmas, easter and summer periods many students are required to vacate their student accommodation. As such, we often find students using our London storage facilities over those holiday periods. Some of our valued customers simply don’t have the space for all their belongings, but don’t have the heart to throw some things away. Many of our customers trust us with some of their most sentimental items that they simply don’t have room for. Going abroad is another common reason for the use of our self storage in East London. If someone is going away for an extended period they usually leave the property they’re living in as they want to avoid any rental costs. As a result their personal belongings will stay with us at attic storage.

London Storage Services from Attic Storage

Personal storage in London can be hassle free with Attic Storage. Telephone: 020 8981 6800,

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