Make the Most of March

February’s finished and the month of mad March hares and multiple moments of merriment is upon us. It’s a fine time to alliterate your M’s, move home or magically make more space in your old place with the help of Attic Self Storage.

Moments you maybe missed

Friday March 1st was St. David’s Day when Welsh folk pin leeks to their lapels, wave red dragon flags and profess to love living surrounded by sheep in a country where it always rains. (You’re welcome to store your wool, wet weather gear and inflatables at Attic Self Storage if you live in London).

Wool on a Welsh Sheep

Tuesday March 5th was the pan-flipping-tastic Shrove Tuesday when people the length and breadth of the country redecorate their kitchen ceilings and stuff themselves with pancakes. (Attic Self Storage can provide space for frying pans and spatulas all year round).

Tossing a Pancake

Thursday March 7th was World Book Day, when it’s become traditional for children to dress up as their favourite literary character (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape always available from Attic Self Storage).

Children Dressing Up

Friday March 8th was International Women’s Day when we celebrate the achievement of women worldwide and encourage the fight against sexism, discrimination and hope for a future where fat old bald blokes don’t run everything. (Talk to our manager Sonia, or chief finance officer, Claire, for further details).

International Women's Day

Red noses for charity

And yet March marches on. Still to come we have Red Nose Day on Friday 15th March. Laugh in the face of worldwide poverty! The Comic Relief charity event makes an appearance once every two years and is well worth investing a few quid in. Attic Self Storage loves to do it’s bit for charidee, so please feel free to approach us with any fund raising ideas you might have, or just to tell us a sponsored joke or two.

Comic Red Nose Day

Green costumes for the craic

Make the most of St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday 17th March. Wear something green, paint shamrocks on your face, let your inner leprechaun loose. Traditional activities include clippity–cloppety river dancing with your hands pinned to your sides, drinking pints of Guinness, and attending the parade and festival that they’re staging in Trafalgar Square across the weekend. Attic Self Storage is happy to provide storage space for all your Paddy Day paraphernalia and offer you one hundred thousand welcomes into the bargain – Céad míle fáilte as they say in Ireland.

Blue helmets for happiness

Wednesday March the 20th has officially been declared UN Day of Happiness. So enjoy a smile and a laugh and a feeling of well-being before they send in the troops in blue helmets to wipe that frown of your face. The international community should be aware that Attic Self Storage is the perfect repository for both laughter-inducing and peace-keeping equipment.

Make your mother's day

Sunday 31st March is Mother’s Day. So get ready with the chocolates, flowers and huge hand-made cards sprinkled with glitter and filled with love. Or go one step further and talk to Attic Self Storage if you’d like to give your mum the special gift of storage space for her books, knitting, marmalade or collection of grandfather clocks (remember they go forward 1 hour at 1 am on the same day).

Good bye to EU?

Oh, and how could we forget Brexit – the official date for the UK’s departure from Europe and move into the transition phase is due to finally take place on March 29, 2019. So by the end of March Brexit will be done and dusted and we can all move on with our lives.

And if you believe that, watch out for April 1st, because it sounds like you’ll believe anything.

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