Making Your House Move Eco Friendly

‘Carbon footprint’, ‘global warming’, ‘green living’, ‘eco-friendly’ – rewind a decade or two and very few of us were even aware of such terms. A few years on and we’re bombarded with lingo like this on a regular basis. As a result, being ‘green’ is on everybody’s radar. From fashion to food, you can guarantee there’s a ‘green’ alternative. The same goes for moving house! Read on to discover how you can make your house move that little bit less harmful to the environment.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Making your house move ‘green’ begins before you even step foot in a removals van! We suggest sorting through all your belongings and creating three main piles – items to keep, items to throw away and items to donate to charity. A final pile can be items to keep in storage. We offer great rates for self storage in London. By minimizing the number of items that you need to re-home, not only will this make your removals cheaper it will have less of an impact on the environment in terms of fuel used for the transportation of your belongings.

Leave nothing but footprint

Reusable packing supplies

Yes, it’s tedious, time consuming and stressful but it has to be done. We’re talking, of course, about packing. Knowing your actions aren’t having such a negative impact on the environment can make the packing process slightly less painful. This can be done by avoiding using bubble wrap to cover your belongings (it can be difficult to recycle). Instead, opt for old clothes or cloths to keep fragile items intact. Plenty of people use cardboard boxes for moving house. This is a great idea as they can be reused or recycled. Suitcases are also preferable for transferring your things as they can be reused.

Packed suitcase

Use the right van size

Attempt to estimate the size of van or lorry you will need and not only will you make financial savings but it will have a positive impact on the earth! The reasons for this being that if you are driving far and have a van that is much larger than necessary, you will use more fuel. Unnecessary and wasteful!

Eco friendly cleaning products

When it comes to packing up/unpacking your belongings, both will inevitably involve the cleaning of your old and new premises. To make the moving process more ‘green’ ensure you use eco friendly cleaning products. Alternatively, you can make these products yourself using a combination of natural ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils.

home made cleaning product

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