May Maybe A Tough Month To Move

It’s hardly the ideal time for moving home, but if you don’t have a choice, here’s how to navigate the current restrictions.

The housing market is understandably in a bit of a mess right now. House prices are predicted to fall as much as 10% in the short term and many people are taking their homes off the market until all this uncertainty is over.

But there are also folk who have already gone so far down the road of selling or buying, that it’s impossible for them to turn back now. If you simply have to move home, Attic Self Storage are here to help, while prioritising your health and safety as always.

Exactly What Is The Government Advice?

According to the official website, government advice has now changed from the previous position of ‘home buyers and renters should, where possible, delay moving to a new house while stay-at-home measures to fight coronavirus are in place’ to ‘people who wish to move home can do so’. This is good news for those wanting to move however this doesn’t represent a return to normality quite yet. Indeed, the official advice is still very much to “make provisions in contracts to account for potential delays” and to be prepared that the process for buying and selling will need to be different and that regulations may have to be tightened again if necessary.

So, you can now move but you will need to navigate a new way of doing things and prepare for delays. Luckily, Attic can help you with this.

When You’ve Gotta Go You’ve Gotta Go

Once you have exchanged contracts, you’ve entered into a legal agreement to sell or purchase. Try to build in as much flexibility as you can but in any case, you’ll need to navigate the moving process within the new guidelines.

That means you can’t ask for help from a team of mates, you can’t introduce yourself to your new neighbours by shaking hands and baking them a cake (maybe a blessing) and you can’t invite everyone over for a housewarming party afterwards. It doesn’t necessarily mean DIY is the only option though.

Removing Yourself From Harm

If you’ve already booked a removals company, they will be obliged to operate within the government regulations and this may mean that you will have to manage more of the packing yourself. They should already be well up to date with all the latest guidance which states that work carried out in people’s homes can continue ‘provided the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms or coronavirus’. Professional removers will know about maintaining a 2-metre distance from others, washing their hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds (or using hand sanitiser gel) and wearing all the right protective gear.

If not, it’s probably best to rent a van, blast out ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ by The Police at full volume and do the entire move under your own steam.

Keep Away From Estate Agents

For a lot of people this will be welcome advice. But even during these times of social distancing, they’re a necessary evil. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, you may still be able to speak to an Emily or Tarquin over the phone. They can give you general advice about the local property market and handle certain matters from a distance, but they won’t be able to start actively marketing your home in the usual way. You may want to choose one that has adapted online approaches like virtual tours. On the plus side, this could save an awful lot of cleaning in advance of viewings though!

Storage For Home Moving

Attic Self Storage have remained open all the way through the lockdown to keep business moving and, where essential, help individuals move too. We’ve been advising all sorts of people about all kinds of storage solutions.

We’re currently providing space for people who have recently come home from abroad and for those leaving the UK to return home; assisting students who are having to move out of halls of residence earlier than expected; helping whole households make room for returning children, aged parents or a sudden unexpected litter of puppies.

We’re fully up to date with official guidelines and all the best health and safety practices. Using self-storage is an excellent way to build in flexibility to the process. If you need advice about selling, moving or freeing up space in your home, please give our team of advisors a call. We’ll move heaven and earth to help.

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