Moving Home This Winter?

Let Attic Self Storage protect you against the wind, rain, sleet, snow and stress of moving home at this time of year.

Unless you’re some wise old Inuit switching your caribou-hide tent for a temporary igloo while you go seal hunting, chances are you don’t really want to move home in the middle of the winter.

Of course, it would be lovely to relocate on the longest, sunniest day of the year, but that isn’t always possible. The process of buying and selling can take months and if your completion date is looming you might have no choice but to up sticks and move immediately.

You can, however, choose how you go about it.

Avoid Amateur Theatricals

Use a professional moving company to do the hard work and heavy lifting. They’ll know how to pack your belongings safely, deal with adverse weather conditions, and drive a removals van without skidding all over the road and smashing your crockery. If they’re genuinely experienced, they’ll have protective coverings to keep your valuables secure and dry. Give us a call and we can recommend a few good companies that we know in the London area.

No Time To Chill

Make sure you’ve got gas, electricity and a working boiler in your new place. Ask the present owners to leave the heat on low for you, or if the property is already empty, get early access so you can turn the power on, fire up the heating and prevent the pipes from freezing or the radiators from being stone cold. Check that boiler. Check it twice. There’s nothing worse than moving into a f-f-fridge.

Let There Be Light

On the morning of your move, get moving as early as possible. Remember the sun sets soon after 4pm at this time of year and you’ve got to make the most of the limited daylight. You don’t want to be juggling boxes of glassware in the dark. Double check the previous occupants didn’t steal all the eco-friendly energy-efficient lightbulbs. Take a torch just in case they did.

Clear A Path

Check the weather forecast. If it’s due to freeze – salt or sand pathways at both ends of your journey to stop ice and frost from making them slippery. You don’t want to break any valuables and if you twist an ankle it’s likely to slow down your move considerably.

Protect the floor at both properties. If it’s rainy or snowy, you’ll have an army of wet feet traipsing in and out. Lay plastic sheeting, cardboard or dust sheets to protect wooden floors, carpets or expensive rugs. Best use some sturdy tape to secure floor coverings so you don’t end up going A over T.


Check you can get the removals van or truck as close to the front of your new property as possible. Don’t forget to display a parking permit if you need one. You don't want to have to make time for a conversation with a traffic warden! Plastic cones and high-vis jackets can help too.

Weather Proof Packaging

If you’re going to use cardboard boxes make sure they’re sturdy and well-sealed. Use plenty of waterproof tape. If you don’t want to run the risk of developing a soggy bottom (ooerr) you might be better off using some of our stackable plastic tubs. Attic can also provide tape guns, packing tape, bubble wrap and plastic covers to protect chairs, sofas, tables and mattresses from getting damaged or drenched.

Dress Code

Try layering your clothes so that you can strip down or wrap up as appropriate during the day. House moving is sweaty work, but you’ll still get cold if the winter weather starts to bite.

Plan B

If your move falls through for any reason and you need somewhere safe and secure to store your belongings, Attic Self Storage are here for you. Similarly, if you want to do a major refurb before you move into your new place, we can store the contents of a flat, house, or castle for as long as you like. Spring, summer, autumn or winter. We also have a handy home moving checklist for the run up to moving day too.


Don’t forget to tell your friends and family your new address, unless of course you’re moving to escape them. If you do want to stay in touch with your bank, bills and packages from Amazon, ask the Post Office to redirect your mail for the next few months.

Meghan and Harry take note.

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