Moving the Rocket Man

Not our usual day last Friday. That's because it's not every day we get to work with a world-class sportsman like Ronnie O'Sullivan. And even more special, whereas we normally pride ourselves on client confidentiality (we are proud of the long list of well known public figures we have had the privilege to assist, but it is a very private list) on this occasion, Ronnie and Laila were so pleased with our service they actually tweeted about it! So let us claim to be the very first to wish Laila and Ronnie every happiness in their new home together. It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege, thank you for trusting Attic Storage & Removals and giving us the opportunity to help you. Clearly we can't say much about the move, but what we can say is that it went extremely well, and Laila was smiling at the end, as was Ronnie, having managed to succesfully dodge any of the removal work himself - considering he was some distance away playing an international snooker match with a dodgy ankle, after much debate in the office a straw poll was had and we agreed to let him off. Just this once! Both Kane and Lee, who were specially chosen for the job considering their experience and trustworthiness, were over the moon being massive fans. Although we can't account for the quality of their photography skills (always room for improvement eh lads!) I think you will agree they are both grinning ear to ear in the photos below, having been given the opportunity to handle (very gently) some of Ronnie's prized trophies (I say some because, well, let's face it, there are just so many!!) Another fantastic, ringing endorsement for our removals team - thank you Ronnie & Laila, and to you two as well Kane & Lee, for getting it so right on the day.

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