New Social Media Feeds - Coming Soon!

Well well, after all this time Mrs Atticus finally persuaded me to get one of those new-fangled smart phone thingies. And isn't it a thing of beauty! Bright screen, takes photos, videos, browses online, I can buy stuff with it, bake stuff with it, dig up the spuds in our allotment with it even make calls with it (apparently). The best bit is, with Attic developing new social media RSS feeds and social media pop-outs on their website, soon I'll be able to stay right on top of all their storage news just by looking at their homepage - with the blog, the twitter feed, the facebook feed and the youtube feed. So watch out for a video of me pulling up the carrots and handing them to Mrs Atticus for our Sunday roast! Our new social media tabs will be launched at the same time as our new online self storage quote system.