Open House London 2013

In three weeks’ time, London throws open her proverbial doors to welcome all comers to view the rich and extensive diversity in architecture that features in our capital.

Billed as “the Capital’s greatest architectural showcase”, the event is scheduled to take place over two days (21st and 22nd of September 2013) and will see over 700 spaces of all kinds in London offering free access to architectural enthusiasts. Of course, this includes our own local iconic landmark the Olympic Park, with the former athletes village, now known as East Village E20, featuring as a highlight.

Open House started in 1992, with the aim of encouraging the general public and the wider community to spend some time actually taking in their surroundings, appreciating the architecture of the buildings we walk past every day, and digesting how spaces interconnect and work together throughout the City. The core principle underpinning the Open House concept is that you have to live the space, walk the space, breath the space, feel the space in order to really understand it and take it in, and you can’t do these things by leafing through a book. And so, opening up spaces to visitors was the only way.

So there are over 700 buildings and spaces to visit, ranging from industrial and office space through public spaces to artist studios and private dwellings. While many of the spaces feature stunning contemporary architectural twists, there is a healthy selection of traditional architecture on display as well, including, I have little doubt, tiny apartments highlighting the lack of storage space in London – a problem that appears to be becoming endemic across the UK with ever smaller homes being built. Of course, we’re all familiar with IKEAs solutions to tight spaces but what other solutions will you find on your travels as part of Open House London 2013?

The concept has been so successful that the idea has now spread elsewhere to over 20 cities across the world. Who says we don’t export anything anymore!

Open House has something for everyone, with an ArchiKids corner in Leadenhall Market offering a host of activities and an ArchiKids Explorer Pack. There are ArchiGames that require team work to solve puzzles, and bird-house building at Bird City, also in Leadenhall Market. In fact, there are many open venues participating in Open House London 2013 that offer family and junior activities, so get your whole family involved and do something different for a change.

ArchiKids - fun for all the family, get your kids interested in their surroundings!

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