Packing winter into a box


As we enter our third year following a bio-diverse planting theme around the front of our self storage building in Bow,some of you might have noticed that we recently joined the British Bee Keepers Association and became an official "Friend of the Honeybee". I am delighted to be able to tell you that our various species of cherry tree have now blossomed for the first time, and they did very well! We are looking forward to seeing them grow from strength to strength over the next 2-3 years, until they provide an amazing and vibrant show to precede the lavenders.

On which topic, we have now doubled the linear meterage of lavender on site, as it has proven such a success. The lavender we planted last year is now well estbalished, and we expect another great show this year, and with any luck the new lavenders won't be too far behind. All of this combines with the wildflower meadow planting to present a beautiful, vibrant little ecosystem right here in a forgotten corner of east London; we may be surrounded by large infrastructure spend and massive new planting schemes in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, but if it weren't for our little biodiversity project, this little corner of Bow would remain a dry, dusty concrete jungle.

We look forward to posting up some pictures of the lavender and in due course this year's wildflowers; if any of you fancy taking some pictures and posting them online, feel free, we'd love to see your pictures!

For now though, as we pack away winter and tape up the box, reach for the one marked spring and rip off the tape, from all of us here at Attic Self Storage in Bow, enjoy your spring bank holiday!

If you would like to know more about our support for honeybees, please browse the Attic Self Storage Community Work pages here.

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