Preparing Your Home For A Baby

If you’re expecting, this unexpected lockdown is the perfect chance to get everything ready for your new arrival

According to the Office for National Statistics, July to early October is the time when most new babies are born in the UK. September 26th is the most popular birth date of all. It seems more babies are conceived around Christmas than any other time of year. Of course, this may change as a result of us all being stuck indoors right now (what better opportunity to help create a new baby boom, eh?)

For those already pregnant: congratulations! Your only job right now is to stay safe and healthy indoors and get yourself and your place well and truly ready for impending parenthood. We’ve been there ourselves and we’re always happy to offer some friendly advice to first time Mums and Dads.

Put Your House In Order

Take your cue from the sparrows and robins – begin your nest building now. Don’t freak out or get in a frenzy about the enormity of the task ahead. Just do a little bit each day and you’ll soon notice a difference. Tackle any clutter and set out to create a calm, ordered baby-friendly environment. Start by writing a list, doing some online research, planning ahead and it’ll really help you prepare yourself mentally for the screaming bundle of joy that’s about to land in your lap.

Safety First

Be ruthless with your health and safety checks. Child proof every inch of your home – tiny inquisitive fingers can reach into the tightest corners. If you’ve got cracks, leaks, breakable objects, sharp edges or loose wires fix them now. Cover power sockets, fit locks, give everything a thorough clean. Create as much clear space for crawling and toddling as you can. If you’re the one who’s pregnant, get someone who isn’t to do the stretching, heavy lifting and furniture moving.

Pink or Blue?

If you have a spare room, you don’t anymore. Get ready to clear it out completely (if you need storage space you know where to come) and turn it into a nursery. If you can’t face teddy bear wallpaper, go for a safe water-based paint scheme and choose a nice calming colour – avoid gender stereotypical pink or blue – consider off-white, cornflower, teal, green or a nice fresh pastel shade. Create a tranquil place where your baby can sleep, feed, play and gurgle away happily underneath a gently turning fish mobile. Aww.

Fixtures, Fittings & Furniture

On a practical level you’ll need a crib with a waterproof mattress, a comfy chair for feeding/nursing and a wardrobe. We’d recommend a set of drawers or a dresser with a padded changing station on top. Think about black out curtains, a humidifier and where you’re going to keep baby books and toys. Do you want a chest or shelves?

Set up a baby monitor even though you won’t need it until you establish your little one’s nap regime. The fact is you probably won’t use the nursery at all to start with, but best get it sorted while you can. If nothing else you can use it as a space to stockpile cuddly toys, nappies and antibacterial wipes.

They Grow Up So Fast

Trust us, you’ll end up with piles of baby clothes in heaps of different sizes. Sort them by when you will actually need them. Make sure you’ve got a supply of short and long-sleeved onesies, socks, mittens, and a really cool hat to help regulate baby’s temperature. Keep newborn clothes easily accessible in top drawers and any that won’t fit for a few months stored neatly away. Attic Self Storage do a range of ‘Really Useful’ plastic tubs that can help you stay organised. They are see-through, sealable and stackable. We’ve got eight sizes from extra small right up to 84 litres, so fill your booties.

Five More Rooms For Improvement:


Even though you’ve sorted out the nursery, you’ll probably want baby in your bedroom with you for the first few months. Choose a suitable crib, cradle or bassinet and keep a basket nearby filled with anything else you might need like wipes, swaddling blankets and a hip flask of vodka (we're joking about the vodka of course).


You’ll find a baby bathtub very useful, along with super soft baby washcloths, sensitive soap for baby skin and a baby bath towel with a hood. Invest in a kneeling mat to protect your poor old adult kneecaps when bathing baby.


Make sure you’re stocked up. Prep some healthy meals – soups, stews, spaghetti sauce. Keep your fridge or freezer full. If friends offer to make meals for when the baby’s born, don’t argue. The last thing you’ll want to think about is cooking. The current lockdown may well have got you using takeaway food and grocery delivery services – good, you already know how to stay indoors and live in jogging bottoms.


Get a car seat that clicks into a stroller, and preferably one that folds up so you’re not tripping over it.


So much better than clogging up your own loft or shed. Attic Self Storage is here to help at every stage of life. Whether it’s clearing space before your baby arrives, preserving bits and bobs as they’re growing up, or preventing your record collection from becoming Baby’s First Frisbee, our storage facilities are open for business.

If you’re really stuck for ideas, we don’t even mind suggesting a few baby names.

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