Pride 10K Run, LGBT Q and A

Attic Self Storage proudly sponsored the Pride Run 10k in Victoria Park again last weekend. This was the 15th edition of the annual race that attracts many repeat runners as well as enthusiastic sets of new legs every year.

Happily, one of our most friendly, energetic and bubbly managers – Sonia – was there with our team and her camera. I finally caught up with her this week to ask a few questions about the event:

  • F: Phew! I finally caught up with you, Sonia.
  • S: Yes, Fred. D’you mind if we walk and talk?
  • F: Not at all. So how was the Pride Run 10k?
  • S: I’m proud to have attended! Did you see my photos?
Two Happy Pride 10K Runners
  • F: Yes. Are the 2 chaps in red the winners?
  • S: No they weren’t but they did pose enthusiastically for me, bless their cotton trainer socks. The overall winner of the event was a guy called Josselin Polini of Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets Athletics Club with a hernia inducing time of 0:33:01. Fastest woman home was Amy Clements of Kent AC with an impressive 0:34:41. But let’s not get hung up on gender, hey? This was a Pride event after all. LGBTQ...ETC!
Attic Self Storage Free Bags
  • F: How did we show our support?
  • S: We supplied 1000 Attic Self Storage branded bags and stress balls with the Attic logo splashed across them. I should point out that the bags did contain other stuff too. We only supplied the sacks and the balls (ooh err). Other kind contributors helped fill our bags with all sorts of goodies including, if memory serves me correctly – an energy drink, a banana, some jelly beans, a re-usable coffee cup, a snack bar, some Ecover washing liquid and a cuddly toy. OK, I’m joking about the cuddly toy. Although I did see a few cuddly boys.
Group of Pride 10K Runners
  • F: How many runners were there?
  • S: Um, let me check my notes – yes, 851 runners completed the race.
Pride 10K Helpers
  • F: Were the Attic ’goody bags’ well received?
  • S: They certainly appeared to be – all the runners took one. In fact, checking my maths, some runners must have taken more than one. The bags were very popular with everybody and there was lots of nice feedback on the Twitter channel @PrideRun10k.
Attic Self Storage bags for Runners
  • F: Did the run raise money for charidee?
  • S: Every year they have a partner charity, nominated by London Frontrunners (through which the Pride Run is organised). This year’s charity was Mind in Camden (part of the main Mind charity), who provide local support to people experiencing mental health problems. They had a stall in the Race Village and one of their members spoke about how Mind has supported him. I hope they raised a few quid for what is a very worthy cause.
Pride 10K Refreshments
  • F: What was the day like?
  • S: The conditions were perfect – dry but not too hot – ideal running weather after that long spell of sweltering heat had given way to torrential rain. All sorts of folk took advantage of the fine day and took part. There were many serious athletes, a smattering of fancy dress runners, and some joggers and walkers too. There was a partially sighted runner with his guide. Before the main event there was also a 2K Pride Fun Race for the kids (now in its fourth year), which has really grown in popularity.The event was really well organised, and apart from our Attic goody bags the runners were provided with refreshments. As usual there was an abundance of glitter and Lycra and toned torsos on display.
Pride 10k Runner with pram
  • F: Did you take part yourself?
  • S: I didn’t actually run myself but I did get a thoroughly sore finger from taking so many photos.
  • F: Anything else you’d like to say?
  • S: Just a great big “thank you” to all those who got involved. And just so we’re perfectly clear – Attic Self Storage is totally down with the LGBTQ community, darlings! We have a positively shimmering rainbow of storage options available for you at both our Bow and King’s Cross storage facilities. Just click your ruby slippers together three times and we’ll make you feel right at home. Whichever way you swing, giving you bags of space is our thing!

Thanks so much to Sonia for getting into the spirit of the event. That last bit even rhymed, like a Kylie Minogue song or something.

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