Ran Out of Room? Clean out with London Storage.

London is not well known for offering spacious accommodation. As a result, sometimes your stuff can over-run your flat or house and a clean out is needed. Luckily, Attic Self Storage Limited is here to help with its London Storage facility in East London.

Attic Storage Limited’s London Storage Facility Hosts A Variety Of Size Rooms For Your Belongings

De-cluttering or moving house can be a daunting prospect, even without trying to work out what size room is needed. Luckily the highly experienced team at Attic Self Storage in East London will be able to help you to decide. For example, if you need to store the contents of your studio flat or can fit all of your contents into your normal estate car; you may only need 20sq feet of space. There’s no point renting more space than is actually needed. Alternatively, if you are trying to pack up your 4 bed house and need a lorry to carry all of your things, then you will need a 150 sq feet room. However, if your circumstances change and you need to change the size of the room, this is possible with Attic Self Storage Limited’s London storage as you are not tied to any particular room size.

How Often Can I Come To Visit My London Storage Unit?

You can come to your room as much or as little as you wish. Some people only visit a couple of times a year, whereas some people come every day. It does not matter. The room is yours to visit and you will not be charged to come and visit. If you are looking for a contemporary London storage unit to store your belongings after a clean out or moving house, then look no further. Call us today on 0208 8981 6800 to speak to one of our friendly advisers.

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