Self Storage Online Anyone?

storage-in-a-box_zoom_140827145814 A number of internet start-ups are looking to cash in on the self storage boom in the UK. In the past couple of years, a number of internet start-ups have sprung up, all trying to do the same thing: re-invent self storage. By offering the same service as traditional archiving firms but targeted at residential customers, these upstarts are looking to offer added convenience to time starved Londoners. By and large, they all offer the same thing - a box, delivered to your door, for you to fill and which they will then (for a fee) collect. The box is spirited away to some dim, dark and distant corner of the universe or (as admitted by the Managing Director of Lovespace, Steve Folwell) in a traditional self storage space, such as ours or Big Yellow. So really it's self storage, re-packaged. The same may be said of WeStore and Boxman although SpaceWays claims to have rented a warehouse outside London for this purpose. And while clients have the convenience of having boxes delivered to their doorstep, what happens to odd-shaped items such as futons, bicycles and skis is not clear. Convenient access at your whim and fancy is also sacrificed but if all you have are a few small boxes of dusty memorabilia, then perhaps this solution is best for you. As Jimmy Gibson from Big Yellow puts it, these solutions are complimentary to self storage, not competing with it. For the full article please read the FT here.