September Storage: Shine on Harvest Moon!

This month the Harvest Moon is due to grace London with its presence on the 25th of September. This is the full moon nearest to the Autumn Equinox, and it marks the end of summer, the start of werewolf season, and the perfect time to de-clutter and sort your September storage before it gets too cold and dark to do anything but hibernate.

Harvest Moon

Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness

It’s called the Harvest Moon because this is the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when many fruit and vegetable crops are ripe and ready to be gathered in – in the days before electricity farmers could continue harvesting late into the night thanks to the extra moonlight.

No, we’re not suggesting you should spend all night filling an Attic Storage unit with mountains of apples, marrows, pumpkins, potatoes, or any other perishable food items. You’re welcome to store canned goods with us, but we don’t allow edible items that are going to go off or attract insects or rodents.

Can Storage

Summer is officially over

The Harvest moon is a sure sign that winter’s on its way. Time to put away the summer wardrobe, inflatable paddling pool, lilo, camping equipment, patio furniture and anything else you won’t be needing until next spring. If you don’t have a shed or a barn, a secure storage unit at Attic is also smart place to keep your gardening equipment clean, sharp and rust free – forks, spades, scythes, pruning sheers, lawnmowers, even combine harvesters. We’ve got all the space you need.

End of Summer

Open all hours

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on lunar illumination if you are an Attic customer. With 24-hour access you can turn up in the dead of night and our automatic infrared eco-friendly corridor lights will sense your presence and turn themselves on.

The moon illusion

As it rises for several nights in a row around sunset, the moon will appear larger to observers near the horizon than it does high in the sky, a phenomenon called the ‘moon illusion’. Our minds and eyes, used to seeing distant clouds on the horizon and closer ones a few miles overhead, believe that objects on the horizon are much farther away than objects higher in the sky. Since the moon is actually not farther away on the horizon, it appears larger. Strange but true.

The storage illusion

If you want to make your house or flat appear larger than it really is, the answer is to de-clutter and create a bit of extra space. Remove boxes from hallways, cut down on unnecessary furniture, and make more room to live in your living room. Place all the stuff you don’t need in our capable hands. With a secure storage unit at Attic Self Storage there’s a bigger home for you on the horizon. See what we did there?

The moon and your stars

Enjoy the Harvest Moon if the clouds hold off and you get to see it in all its glowing glory. Astrologically speaking you should feel its affect over the next few days ­– it symbolises a shimmering end to one phase and a shiny new start to another.


Maybe you’re thinking of moving home, or making more of the home you already live in? Either way, Attic Self Storage is here to help. When it comes to secure storage facilities, we’re the pick of the crop.

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